Monday, August 29, 2016

The Deer Season Opener is Almost Here!

As I type this, my mind is wandering to the forest and roaming bucks. Brett and I have found a few bucks on public land and this coming Saturday cannot come fast enough. We will be putting our new Badlands Approach camo to good use and spending Labor Day weekend in the midst of trees, boulders, and the occasional four-legged animals that call it home.The anticipation of getting out there is brutally awesome! 

With the fire, lack of rain, and increase in hunter numbers, hunting season has turned tactical. We have had to create many different plans to get out and hunt certain areas when not many others will be there. I am hoping and praying our gambles will pay off.

How many of you will be out hunting this weekend? Will you be hunting deer and bear? How far will you travel? Looking forward to your stories and hoping to tell a few of our own!

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