Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Are You Smarter Than A Pig?

Are you smarter than a pig? Am I? You wouldn't think so by the results of last weekend. Brett and I finally got out after some public land pigs with our buddy Chris, and it was an interesting morning in the woods. In fact, it was a very early morning for us. A very chilly morning. Perfect for hogs to be roaming around. (I apologize for the lack of quality photos. I was cold and after a while completely forgot to take them! Doh!)

On our hike in to the hunting blind we found a single set of boar tracks. They were headed the opposite direction where figured the pigs were coming from, but we hoped he might come back. There were no more tracks going in that we could see by headlamp, but we had high hopes. Once situated, Chris ventured off to his spot while we arrange seats and bows.

As we sat in the darkness, we listened intently to the sounds of the forest. It was great finally be out hunting for pigs. We must have sat for a half hour in darkness when a bright flash caught us off guard! It was so bright we had no idea where it came from or from what. We would learn later on, from Chris, that it was a shooting star that went right over us. It was intense!

The temps were low and we got a bit chilled in the blind as the breeze blew right inside. It didn't take long for the jackets to come out so we could sit without a chill. Once the sun came up, things felt much better. All during that time we heard and saw zero pigs. We saw a Pope and Young class cottontail rabbit (out of season) and some beautiful birds, but that was it until the lizards woke up. They kept us entertained for quite some time.

With nothing on the move, we packed up and headed back up the trail. Not fifteen feet behind our blind was a fresh set of boar tracks on a dirt trail! Our lonely wanderer had indeed made his way back, but had done so behind the blind. It was crazy to see how close he actually got without us hearing him. We all shook our heads and smiled. We would be back soon and we would have a different plan in mind.

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