Sunday, October 18, 2015

Product Review: Get Home Alive Medical Kit LITE

Staying safe in the backcountry is something I continually express to my fellow outdoorsmen. A solid first aid kit is part of that and is something that can help save a life in an emergency situation. A severe injury or trauma kit is one step up from that. I have packed the Wild Hedgehog Get Home Alive Medical Kit LITE in my pack for a couple months and while I have not had to use many items, it is a kit everyone should take a look at. This is not your 'run of the mill' first aid kit and deserves a thorough consideration for your backpack.

One of the things I did not address in the video is the cost of the Get Home Alive Medical Kit LITE. It retails anywhere from $45-84 and while that sounds like a deep pocket investment, consider needing the kit and not having it when you are eight miles deep in the backcountry. My other kits have basic first aid kits cost around $35.00, but they are full of things for basic first aid, not trauma situations. Personally, I think this kit has a reasonable price and remember, you can always add a few other items to the kit if you like. I think this is a carefully thought out kit that hunters who like to pack light will benefit from.

Great news! Wild Hedgehog has offered SoCal Bowhunter readers 15% off the kit if you buy from their website
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