Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Question: Who Makes the Best Compound Bow?

The main reason I started this blog was to help others learn more about bowhunting, especially in California. I know the difficulty that comes with learning how to hunt California. When I moved out here nearly a decade ago I struggled to learn the regulations, areas to hunt, and strict laws. To be honest, I am still learning and will continue to learn and I love that! The most common question I am continually asked is, 'which compound bow is the best?' and it is an honest question. This is something that is asked on a regular basis at pro shops, to pro staffs, and everyone has a different opinion. Even my answer may be different form the next person you ask. We all have different views on the topic of bowhunting. In the next few weeks, I also plan to share about a few other accessories like stabilizers, sights, and releases. Right now I will focus on your main bowhunting tool and that is your bow.

Who does make the best compound bow?  

That is the question everyone seems to want to know. My answer might shock you. Most compound bow manufacturers make a great bow these days. They really do! I have shot numerous bows over the last three decades and they have come a long way. Twenty years ago I may have been able to direct you to better made bows, but not today. The technology is incredibly good and you really just need to find a bow that you like to shoot. That's it! Don't go worrying about the fastest bow, or the bows you see on television as being the only bows to try out. Go to a pro shop, ask the staff, and shoot a few of the bows. Purchase the one that is within your means and that you like to shoot. Don't purchase a bow solely based on the price tag. Trust me, there is nothing worse than going cheap and shooting a bow you don't like. I did it many years ago and I paid dearly for it. In fact, I hated that bow. Bows that shoot 340 feet per second are great, but you can kill a deer with a bow that shoots slower, too. Keep that in mind when buying a new or used bow. 

I have numerous friends and acquaintances in the bowhunting world and the compound bows they shoot. Almost all of them are shooting bows made by different manufacturers. Yes, each and every one shoot a different bow and that is awesome! Do you know what it is that we all have in common? We love to bow hunt and that is what truly matters. If a handful of my friends and family got together for a hunt, we wouldn't be worried about what bow each of us was shooting. We would want to hunt, share stories, and have a good time.


  1. Just throwing this out there, but any bow out there can kill a deer. You don't need 360+fps much less 300+ fps to make a clean kill. I have no problem with it just makin sure speed is not the only thing your looking at if your in the market for a new bow.

    1. I completely agree, William. That's why I posted this and many other articles on that very subject.

    2. Couldn't agree more! I have personally tried out bows from 3 different brands and let me tell you that your bow will bring meat to your freezer as long as you understand it and know exactly what you are looking. Speed is nothing if you couldn't even hit your target. For me it is accuracy that comes first, every single time!