Monday, March 9, 2015

Did a Pterodactyl Just Land in that Tree?

When we finally reached the spot we wanted to hunt, we were ready. Pig had been on our minds all weekend and when we finally got to go after them, the temps were in the 80s and we didn't care. We split up and Brett took the right of the forest and I took the left. We decided we would walk through a small section of the forest, keeping the other in sight, to see if anything was bedding under the trees before we set up for the evening watch. 

Seeing nothing, I met back up with Brett to discuss the evening when I caught movement up ahead. Coyote! He was walking right around us and would give us a shot. As he came to my side, I drew and waited. I had an opening between two trees and waited. He stopped ten yards away behind a tree and then bolted. Swirling winds had given me up. It was exciting to say the least!

As we sat, squirrels we chasing one another and foraging in the trees. So much so that we thought trees were about to fall down. As we sat and watched, one squirrel kept taunting me and staring at me. It was up in the tree about ten feet and had it been squirrel season, I may have taken a shot. I immediately thought about the cost of one of my arrows and decided had it been squirrel season I probably would not have taken that shot. I'd never be able to get that $25 arrow back being high in the tree! If it were on the ground, I'd probably take the shot. 

As darkness fell, we packed up and hiked out. We chatted about the day, how much fun we had just being out there and enjoying nature. As we neared a clearing, I mentioned to Brett that the pigs usually like to come out in this spot and hang out at dark. We stopped and a minute or so later we heard the high pitch squeals of pigs fighting in the brush. OH YEAH! We both had huge grins on our faces knowing the pigs were there. We hiked out happy and hopeful. The ride home was filled with talk of our next hunt, scouting trips, and how many pigs we thought we could fit on a smoker. Yes, we must get after those squealers again soon.

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