Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Revisiting My Goals & Objectives From 2014

As 2015 is now upon us, I decided to again go back and review my goals and objectives from 2014. It was a great set of goals, and by that I mean I set the bar high. Check them out to see where I was successful and where I can improve for this year.

2014 Goals & Objectives for The SoCal Bowhunter:

  1. Participate in the 2014 CA Sheep Survey. This year I chose to forgo the Sheep Survey due to a scheduling conflict. Instead, Brett and I opted to go in search of a sheep spring in the desert in order to clean it from debris. That was an adventure into some tough country. We never did find the spring due to one wrong turn, but we learned much about our GPS units, our gear, and ourselves.

  2. Shoot different manufacturers bows. I shot the Strother line and got stuck on them. I just loved the way the Wrath and SHO shot. Now that Strother has been taken over by Obsession Bows I don't know what will happen. For the time being I am perfectly happy shooting my Wrath.

  3. Set up a 3D target day with my friends. This only happened at the range for a short time. Our schedules never aligned for a day out. I sure hope that if we can't make this happen we can get up to Oak Tree and shoot around for a morning.

  4. Bow hunt for wild pigs more and kill one. I hunted with a compound bow and with a crossbow this year. It worked out that I had my crossbow in hand when I had the opportunity on a pig. At twelve yards, a crossbow helped fill my freezer.

  5. Bow hunt for elk in Colorado. Brett and I trained hard and hit Colorado for elk in September. Unfortunately, a heat wave of 70-80 degrees also hit at the same time. It was a very tough hunt and we learned a great deal from it. We came up empty handed, but survived a week in the wilderness. I hope to get back out there in a couple years.

  6. Bow hunt for whitetail out-of-state. I poured all of my funds into my Colorado trip and California hunting tags and adventures. There wasn't anything left for my whitetail hunt.

  7. Do a backcountry hunt with friends. Another one that was talked about a few times, but never came to fruition. I think we are ready for one though. Our hunting spots are just overrun with other hunters and hikers. Time to plan a longer trip.

  8. Photograph more wildlife. Um, maybe this year?

  9. Blog more tips and DIY projects that I create. I share a few of these this year and was glad I did. Simple, but effective.

  10. Last, but not least, I would like to scout new areas even more. I scouted some new areas for deer and pig. We set trail cameras deeper into the forest only to find out the deer were staying closer to our current area. It was a learning experience for this area and we can't wait to scout in 2015!

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