Tuesday, December 23, 2014

First Impressions: MINOX BL 10x44 HD Binoculars

Hearing a noise across the school yard, I grabbed my new MINOX BL 10x44 HD binoculars to take a look. I had them focused in no time and was scanning the fence line. I didn't see any animals, but some kid did leave a sweatshirt on a bench. Oh, and it was 12:30 AM. Yes, that is AM. I had a bit of help from the far away street lights, but these binoculars have awesome glass and let a great deal of light in. My first impression was two thumbs up! 

Photos courtesy of my five year old daughter. She rocks.

For over a year, I had been using the MINOX BL 10x44 binoculars. I thought those were awesome! Then MINOX went and improved the line, enhancing the German glass. They added the HD to the name and the glass is truly stunning.

Putting them to use in a hunting situation was going to be the real test, but they felt just like my MINOX BL 10x43s, but with better glass. It's just a bit sharper and the focus dial is very smooth. Using them in low light was great and they work very well with my glasses on. For the past three weeks I have been using them and I am continually surprised at how well they work before sunrise. Sunrise has been roughly 6:52 AM. I have begun to glass at 6:00 AM for the past two weeks and loved it. I am able to see well enough to relax and look for deer and it's been wonderful. Even my hunting partners have had to wait and once the sun comes up, I am the one finding the deer. 

Just last week, my friend Michael and I were glassing a series of ridges to our East in search of mule deer. We had been sitting for just a few minutes and I found three deer foraging on a South facing slope. They were a half mile away and I was trying to help him find them with his binoculars. Without hesitation, I handed him my pair of MINOX and he found them with ease. Sharper, clearer glass will make a difference! Four days later he ordered a pair. The clarity and power speak for themselves.

I look forward to using these each time I hunt and love the way they perform. If you have any questions or tests you'd like to hear about, please let me know.

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