Friday, September 5, 2014

One Step Closer to a California Buck

Most of my year has been focused on hunting elk and black bear in Colorado. Although I can't wait to hunt the Rockies, I also have been scouring maps in search of a good deer spot in SoCal. Without having endless hours to spend scouting, Brett and I opted to use more trail cams this year. Fortunately for us, we have located a few legal bucks in the area we hunt. There are quite a few does, but we are after a buck. Here are some of the images from our two months of having the cams up. The D11 opener is tomorrow and we hope to get on a buck this weekend!

In California a legal buck is one with a fork in the upper third of the beam. So far we have a few that are legal, and for us each one would be a trophy.


  1. I am wishing you success and safety. You have definitely been putting in the hours, and I pray that you are blessed with a buck.

    1. Thanks John! I am hoping that one comes within range for sure. I need some venison in my freezer.