Monday, August 18, 2014

Gear Issues - Right Before Hunting Season

This off-season has been a trying time for me when it comes to gear, and it's not all faulty gear. Most of the time it is me! Recently, my peep was slightly rotated and before I took it to the shop to add a twist to the string I wanted to verify that my bow was 100% set-up properly. As I checked it over I noticed my arrow was sitting a bit high on the string. I mean really high, like 3/8" high. I hastily checked the rest and it was fine, but...but I hadn't marked where it should be locked in. Usually I take the time to use a silver Sharpie and make a tic mark where the screw and rest line up, but I was rushing. I had forgotten to do it. It was a mistake I would only make once.

In my haste, I hadn't checked the OTHER side of the rest. I have had my d-loop slide up before, so I tried sliding it back down and it wouldn't budge. Proceeding to remove it, as  I cut the last bit of the loop, I noticed movement in my Ripcord rest. As I picked it up, it slid down. All the way down. On further inspection I noticed the screw had come loose...AGAIN! This happened a few weeks back at the archery range, too. I had cranked it down pretty tight and it still came loose. So, I reset everything (whilst mumbling under my breath) and squared up the rest with the string. I then installed another d-loop and rechecked everything. I was ready to hit the range to sight in my bow - yet again.

At the range, I felt comfortable and confident. Within eight shots I had my bow dialed in to eighty yards. I was thankful to have an HHA single pin sight that is so easy to dial in, but I was mad at myself for allowing me to be in this position. Don't let this type of thing happent o you. Take the time to go over everything well the first time.

Perfect I am not. Patient? Most of the time, but now it's crunch time and my bow needs to be at peak performance. I will keep an eye on that rest. If it does it again I may just have to switch my rest...again. I say that in jest, but I know that from here on out I must check my gear after each practice session, prior to each session, and be sure it is all working properly. Have you ever had issues like this arise right before hunting season?

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  1. SoCalBowhunter, I appreciate your sharing this with me. It applies to all aspects of life.