Thursday, August 7, 2014

CDA Offers FREE Pig Hunts at Tejon Ranch!

Who wants to have a chance at some pigs on a great ranch in California? The California Deer Association wants to give you that opportunity! I know I am submitting my info and I hope you do, too. This doesn't happen all the time and I highly recommend getting in on the action.

From the California Deer Association website:

Here is a chance for you and a hunting partner to help California deer habitat and at the same time have an awesome fully-guided pig hunt. Pigs on the famous 270,000-acre Tejon Ranch are having a negative effect on the habitat, which has resulted in reduced deer numbers in the area. Consequently, the number of deer hunts available on the ranch for CDA’s annual Sharing the Tradition junior deer hunts have been reduced.

CDA was able to obtain a grant from the DFW Big Game Management Account to help improve the habitat in the area of Tejon Ranch for deer and other wildlife. This will be done by having 40 guided wild pig hunts (20 two-party hunts) on the ranch which will be given away in a free, random drawing conducted by CDA. Applications must be for a party of two hunters — no single hunter applications will be accepted. The hunts will be two hunters per guide. The ranch’s normal hunt or access fees will not be charged. Lodging and meals on the ranch are included. Hunters will have an option to shoot a second pig but they must pay $250 for this opportunity.

These are two-day hunts and conclude after two days or when you have taken your pig/pigs. This is a random drawing conducted by the California Deer Association.

Click to apply online for this hunt. (only online entries will be accepted)

Entry deadline for the drawing is September 22, 2014.

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