Tuesday, August 12, 2014

3D Animal Target Issue - Long Beach Parks and Rec Commission Meeting - August 21

The 3D animal target issue is going to be discussed at the Long Beach Parks and Recereation Commission meeting on Thursday 8/21/14 at 9.a.m. at El Dorado Park West Community Center Senior Center Library, 2800 Studebaker Rd., Long Beach.

We need to get as many archers there that we can! Spread the word and get numbers up. The proposal I have heard is that the commission wants to govern what targets we can and cannot shoot. We have to let them know that we are fully capable archers and that 3D animal targets help us improve as bowhunters! 

Will I see you there?


  1. Just wanted to comment here that I will be speaking on behalf of our archery community regarding this issue. The issue became an issue when an animal activist observed youths shooting at 3D animals at the park during a Instinctive Archery class through Long Beach Parks and Recreation. We MUST keep level heads and not angry spiteful words. The animal activist has sympathy at the parks commission or we would not be having this conversation. I will be presenting animal targets as sanctioned official competition targets the world over and the 2nd largest 3D tournament worldwide is here in CA (Redding) attracting 1200 archers (at $60 a pop!). I will also present the safety issue and also present it as a family experience, after all this is what LB Parks and Recreation is focused on. WE ALL KNOW as bowhunters the importance to practice ethical shooting on these types of targets to make proper shot placement while hunting. But truly, this is not the focus and reminder that we do not want to give these people who never entered the woods without a fully equipped RV. You are most welcome to show support, but leave the camo at home! Thank you, Lori Prichard

    1. Thank you for your support and your comments Lori. Thank you also for the work you are putting into this. The camo will be left at home for sure, but that doesn't mean I don't have a right to speak on behalf of bowhunters either. Who said I didn't have a level head? I have actually had a couple of good conversations with people on the subject and we both had level heads. You mention 'WE ALL KNOW', but that is 'WE' archers/bowhunters know. Not everyone knows that we shot at the foam animal targets to better ourselves in the field. If you would like to sit down or chat regarding the subject prior to the meeting, please let me know. I sent you a FB message over a month ago and have not had a reply back yet. Feel free to email me thesocalbowhunter at yahoo.

    2. We definitely need to work together on this and not against each other, so please don't take it as such. Anything we can do to strengthen our stance is the way to go, but we need to communicate with the bowhunting community as well.

  2. And be careful with your numbers Lori. You mentioned that the 2nd largest 3d tournament worldwide is in Redding at 1200 archers. Nearly all of the ASA tournaments this year (7 of them) attracted between 1500 and 1700 archers. Misinformation that can be shot down quickly will only hurt the cause.