Monday, July 7, 2014

Product Review: Flambeau Soft Crossbow Case

After I set up my Scorpyd crossbow, I hung it in my garage for a few days while I researched protective cases. I didn't want to leave it up like that. I wanted it protected. Finding a case that would accommodate the reverse-draw technology of this particular crossbow and not empty my back account was a challenge! 80% of the cases would not fit due to the reverse-draw technology. After narrowing it down to two cases - a hard case and a soft case, I opted to go with the Flambeau Soft Crossbow Case due to my needs and cost. When I spoke to the folks at Flambeau, they told me that my crossbow should fit and provide ample protection for transporting it in a vehicle. That sounded good enough for me to field-test it.

The Flambeau Soft Crossbow Case is much larger in person than what I had imagined. It is well-padded on the sides, top and bottom, but also there is another layer of padding for over your scope. This was a bonus feature I hadn't factored in. I knew it was supposed to be there, but actually seeing it was pretty cool. The base is fitted with three Velcro straps; one for each limb and one for the stock of the crossbow. With dimensions of 43" L x 35" W x 15" H, there is plenty of room for a reverse-limb crossbow, like my Scorpyd, or any regular crossbow on the market today.

There is room inside the Flambeau case for every crossbow I can think of.

The case comes in Mossy Oak BREAK UP With durable 600D fully padded nylon contruction. It does have a zippered back pocket that can hold your string cocker or other small items. It is large enough to hold quite a bit more, but your crossbow will be resting on the pocket as it sits right in the middle. I decided not to fill it with too much. 

I unzipped the case, loaded my crossbow inside and anchored it down with the Velcro straps. It wasn't going anywhere. I slid my full quiver next to the crossbow, but did not anchor it down. I verified that any broadheads were pointing away from the string and would not make any contact inside the case. The shoulder strap allowed me to throw it over my shoulder and walk it to my vehicle. After laying it on the backseat, I drove 8 miles to a friends place to show him. When I opened the case everything had stayed put and looked solid.

One thing I would NOT attempt with any soft case is placing it in a truck bed. If it slides around, things could get damaged very easily. If you plan on having it in a truck bed ordoing any air travel, use a hard case for that. 

The quiver inside the case and the crossbow stock anchored with Velcro.

I do wish there was a way to secure the quiver inside the main compartment to be sure the arrows stay put. I can only imagine hitting a bump in the road and a broadhead tipped arrow falls out and cuts into your string. I realize I am being very dramatic, but it could happen and can be very unsafe.

For the money, it's a great deal and protects your valuable crossbow. The case retails for roughly $100.00 and that is one of the least expensive ones out there for the amount of protection you do get. Plus, you won't find many out there as versatile as the Flambeau Spot Crossbow Case.

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