Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sighting in the Scorpyd Ventilator with the HHA Optimizer Speed Dial

The Scorpyd Ventilator crossbow camo package* comes with many accessories, including the Hawke XB30 Crossbow Scope. The XB30 has cross hairs to be used at different yardage increments. The XB30 scope is an excellent crossbow scope and the incremental cross hairs would work great for most people. I am not most people. I wanted to have my Ventilator accurate to the yard and to remove any guesswork when I am hunting. To make that happen, I purchased and added the HHA Sports Optimizer Speed Dial system which allows you to sight in at 20 yards, then at 60 yards. Once you have both set, you are good from 10 yards all the way out to 80. It is a sweet system!

*Disclaimer: The Scorpyd Ventilator crossbow package was won in a giveaway. I am on the HHA Sports pro staff and purchased the HHA Sports Optimizer Speed Dial and installed it as an add-on.

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