Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th = Good Fortune!

It has been a great day today. Friday the 13th is bad luck? I beg to differ! It has been a rough week, but today has been great.

First, I found out yesterday that I drew the California tag that I applied for. Not only did I get my A31 tag, but my hunting partner Brett also drew his A31 tag. We are STOKED! Not only are we excited about that, but we have all of our other tags for Cali, too. We have our AO (archery only) tags and he has his bear tag to fill. We are going to be scouting up a storm over the next three months for deer and we already have our trail cams up. Wow, what a great feeling.

Then I get great news from one of my sponsors (to be announced next week) about being added to their elite staff. Right on! It is totally unexpected and wonderful! I have a few things to do prior to me sharing all of the details.

My annual review at my full time job was today and it went incredibly well. I eagerly anticipate the awesome new projects I have been tasked with. I am so blessed to have an awesome job and to have versatility in my position where I can handle many different projects in different fields. It truly is a gift from God.

Now I am just waiting on a few calls from a couple companies looking to chat about some new and exciting gear being released soon. Super appreciative of the support from my friends and the bowhunting community, plus all of the companies looking to have products field tested and reviewed on my blog. I truly enjoy giving my honest feedback and seeing what great products will help us out during hunting season.

The best part of all of this is that Sunday is Father's Day and I am super thankful the be a dad. I do my best, work hard, and love my little girl more than she will ever know. Being a dad trumps all of the feelings I have written prior to this and gives me the most satisfaction. I love being a dad and look forward to everything it has to offer. That is the best 'staffing' position you can ask for.

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