Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Colorado Draw Results = Bear Tag for Me!

When I applied for a Colorado non-resident bear tag, I honestly wasn't sure what to expect. On my hunt in 2012, we called in a bear within shooting distance and I had no tag, so I just watched him. I decided that wouldn't happen to me again, so this year I put my name in the hat... and was successful! I received my tag in the mail on Friday and I was giddy (still am)! Having that tag just gives me another option and makes me strive to shoot even better than before. 

Now I will need to practice more, scour the regulations even closer, and plan for a dual bear/elk hunt. I love planning it all out!

I am still waiting on my California tags, but they won't be released for another week. For right now, I will bask in the sunshine of having this CO bear tag and smile.

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