Monday, March 31, 2014

What Bow Will I Be Shooting This Year?

This year I decided I needed a change in my archery set up. I felt something was missing and I couldn't put my finger on it. It wasn't just the bow, my rest, or my arrows. It was a combination of the three. I began shooting different bows, taking notes, and going back and shooting them again. I kept coming back to the Strother Archery line of bows and I have made my decision.

Image © Strother Archery

After shooting the Strother line over the past six months, I have decided on the Strother Wrath SHO as my go to bow for 2014. It shoots super sweet, super smooth, and there is absolutely no hand vibration after the shot. I have added no vibration reduction on this bow. No Limbsavers, no Sims stabilizer, nothing and it feels great! It has such a clean feel to it. 

Some of you will check it out and ask, why are you shooting a 2013 bow? The reason is that I shot many of the other Strother bows, even the new VITAL, but the SHO felt just right to me. It felt like it was made for me and I am shooting it with confidence.

I will elaborate a little on my complete set up in the coming weeks, but I can tell you this... animals had better watch out this year because I feel more confident with this archery arrangement than I ever have before!


  1. I've shot the SHO and really liked it as well.
    I thought about picking up a new bow this year but due to time constraints I will probably just use my Elite.
    I think next year at ATA I'll be doing some serious thinking about which way to go. I really, really like the Hoyt Spyder too.
    Glad you found the right bow for you and here's to it getting lots of use this year! :)

    1. Thanks Carrie. I am super stoked with this set up. One of these years I will make it to ATA and check out all of the new toys. Good luck with the bow you choose when you opt to get one. You have some tough choices ahead!

  2. I've seen this trend a lot among other archery bloggers. Lot of bow-switching. I suspect pro staff perks are driving some of this but maybe this is just a unique affliction among serious bow hunters? I haven't bought a new shotgun in 10 years and my PSE bow is circa 1997. But I am constantly introducing new waterfowl gear so perhaps we all have our area where we like new stuff. I guess for me though my weapon needs to feel like an old friend. Not saying new bows are bad, just an interesting difference in the way people hunt.

    1. Hi Mike! I think that's awesome you are still shooting a 1997 PSE. That's great! As a blogger, I like to see what trends are out there, what new bows are being introduced, and share my findings with my readers. I have been looking at Strother for a couple years now, but seriously in the past 8 months. Each person has their own way of enjoying the outdoors and for bowhunters, some of us like updated equipment. I like to test gear and report what I find to everyone and that goes for bows, too. Being on the west coast, I am shooting my bows year round and get plenty of practice in. For me it doesn't have to feel like an 'old friend' but just a part of me and I can do that with a number of bows. It's not always about hunting either. I just plain like to practice and shoot at the range and newer equipment feels good to me. After shooting the Wrath SHO I was hooked and wanted to know more. I'll have more reviews on my set up as time goes on. I find changing things up from time to time incredible exciting! Good luck this year and happy hunting!