Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Product Review: currexSole RunPro Medium insoles

Taking care of and listening to your feet will allow you the opportunity to truly enjoy that run or hike in the mountains. Trust me, if your feet don't feel good you will not enjoy your time as much. Recently, Insoles and Beyond contacted me and asked if Brett and I would each be interested in trying out a pair. Having never heard of them, I did my research. People raved about how good their feet felt after running, and with Brett and I readying ourselves for hunting season we opted to each test out a pair of the currexSole RunPro Medium insoles

As a runner and a bowhunter, I am on my feet plenty. My running shoes are nearly three years old and while I know I should get a new pair, I opted for a pair of the currexSole RunPro Med to use in my old shoes. These should provide excellent foot support and cushion for running.

The first order of business was to remove my old insoles in order to trace the outline on the new insoles for a precise fit. My old insoles were nearly non-existent and I can't believe I waited this long to replace them. After tracing the outline and trimming them with a pair of scissors I was in business. They fit perfectly and my feet were very happy! 

My heels were hurting really bad with my previous insoles and now they hurt very little. I will say that you should really pay attention to the arch of your foot. I thought mine had a slight arch, but I guess I am somewhere in between and low and flat footed insole. Either way, they were in my running shoes and I needed to field test them. 

To start each work day, I normally run 3-5 miles. This gets my body amped up for the day, but prior to using the currexSole RunPro Medium insoles my feet and legs hurt a lot more from jarring against the pavement. I noticed an immediate difference and was able to use more of my heel when running. In turn, my hamstrings were sore for a week! Best prepare yourself to use muscles you haven't used in a while.

I also had them in my shoes when I went hiking. Brett and I hit up a local route of around six miles and we pushed hard. We kept mentioning how good our feet felt and how we needed to get some more for our other shoes.

The insoles were always comfortable and never bunched up. They almost seem to grip the bottom inside of your shoe as you run. 

These are a great insole if you run/jog for exercise or are training for a long distance run. I am using them in my running shoes and have to say they make a world of difference. At $49.95 I think the price is a bit high, but you get what you pay for. I want to see how long they actually last before I make that final determination. 

Brett had this to say about the currexSole RunPro Medium insoles. 

As the New Year just passed, I set a goal to start living healthier by exercising and eating better. I picked up a new pair of running shoes and they felt great. I walked and jogged about 20 miles or so before getting my new insoles. At this point my shoes felt great or so I thought. My feet would have a slight tingle after a 5 mile plus jog. I went to the Insoles and Beyond website and picked the currexSole RunPro Medium Arch support. They were shipped out and at my house in what seemed like record time. 

When I pulled the insoles out of the package, I gave them my little one, two, three, bend, flex and twist test. The insoles felt great in my hands and passed my test. At this point I was excited and could not wait to get them in my shoes. I went and gathered my supplies of scissors, a sharpie and flat piece of cardboard for a flat surface to trace my current insoles onto the new ones. Once I pulled out my old insoles I noticed they were the exact size as the new insoles. I wear a size 12 and the new insoles fit perfectly in my shoes. 

At first never having an arch support before the insoles felt different but it was not uncomfortable. After my first jog around the block I was sold. My shoes were comfortable before, now they are extremely comfortable. After logging about 25 miles so far I can say I am very happy and my feet are very happy to be out pounding the pavement. I don’t notice the arch support at all and love the extra support under my feet for the hard asphalt. Also, [there is no tingle in my feet] when I get back home. It makes me just want to keep going down the trail. I will be getting a few more pairs for my gym shoes to my hunting boots.

Thanks you for the chance to try such a great product.

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  1. Great review! I was curious if these had an anti microbial top cover? That would be a great feature if you use them while hunting, moisture can accumulate quickly in your boots while out in the woods. Thanks!