Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Yellowtail Burger Recipe (First Attempt)

Yesterday I shared what I did with some tuna filets. Today I will share my take on yellowtail burgers. I had never made fish burgers before and wanted to try some things. With the help of the SoCal Salty and my stomach, I concocted this recipe.

Yellowtail Burgers


6-8 yellowtail filets

2 medium size onions

4 scallions

2 jalapenos

2 eggs


Two limes (cut in half)

Camp Dog Cajun Seasoning

2 bowls

1/2 cup measuring cup

2% shredded Mexican cheese

Tapatio (Hot Sauce)

Prep Time: 20  minutes

Place aluminum foil over the top section of your grill. Fire up the grill to a medium heat.

Start by cutting the limes in half and squeezing the juice into a large bowl. Set aside.

Chop up the yellowtail into small chunks. Don't go too small because you don't want it turning to mush. Add the diced yellowtail to the lime juice and mix thoroughly. Leave it there to soak. Go wash your hands (my wife would be very unhappy to have everything in the kitchen smell like fish).

Chop the onion into small chunks. Again, don't go too small. You want some good bite here! Set these aside in a separate bowl.

Slice up the scallions and the jalapenos. Mix them in with the onion.

Add one egg to the yellowtail mix. (Set the other aside in case you need it.)

Measure a half cup of breadcrumbs and pour into the yellowtail bowl.

Measure out two tablespoons of Camp Dog and add it to the mix.

Pour the vegetables into the bowl of yellowtail.

Pull up your sleeves and start mixing everything by hand. Get it worked in good and after a bit, make a patty. If it holds together well you are ready to grill. If not, add the other egg to hold them together.

Make about 8 (eight) patties and wash your hands. Sprinkle a good dusting of Camp Dog over the top of the burgers.

I use PAM, but you can use vegetable oil or olive oil on the foil. Spray it on and then carefully place your burger patties, Camp Dog side DOWN! This gives the outside a spicy crust. Then once they are all on there, sprinkle some more Camp Dog on top. Close the grill cover and wait 3-4 minutes depending on how thick you made them.

In 3-4 minutes, carefully flip the burgers as they can still fall apart. Wait another 2 minutes and cover the top of each burger with a little cheese. Wait until the cheese melts and you are ready to eat!

Once on the plate, pour a little Tapatio over the top of your burger. They might already be spicy enough for you, but I like mine with some kick. Share with a few friends and enjoy!

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