Monday, October 28, 2013

Big Things Happening in NY State

In the past few weeks I have been chatting with my family back East in hopes of a good whitetail story. My dad and brother have been putting in a great deal of time scouting, putting in food plots and wearing out the seats of their treestands in hopes of locating a big buck. It had been very quiet up until a couple days ago.

My brother got a new Bushnell trail camera for his birthday and had a gut feeling as to where to put it on his property. It turns out my brother is pretty smart. He has bucks fighting, chasing does around, and a big old nine-point buck coming back over and over. My brother nicknamed the deer "'Priest because he has MASS!'" I laughed, but the joke was on me because when I woke up this morning, this was the picture I saw on my phone:

My brother (R) and dad with my brothers nine-point trophy.

My brother had the buck pinned down last night and made a kill shot at last light. It's the first nine-point he has ever shot and it only took one arrow. That's the way we do it in New York! Congratulations to my brother and my dad on a great archery deer season so far! I hope they send a little luck out this way!


  1. This makes me miss the east coast. Great looking deer.


    1. Same here, Ben! Makes me miss it more and more for the hunting and family. That is going to make some great table fare.