Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Product Review: SuperFeet merinoGrey Insoles

When you are hunting, blisters, swollen arches and bruised bones are the LAST thing you want to be thinking about because they will totally ruin a hunt. On my elk hunt last year, my boots were great. They felt awesome, but the bottoms of my feet suffered. I didn't have the right insoles in there and my feet paid the price. Plus, my bones took a mean bruising from the punishment of the Rockies. Not this year my friends! For the past month I have been using the SuperFeet merinoGrey insoles and my feet are the happiest they have ever been!

About two months ago I asked my Twitter followers what other bowhunters recommended for their hunting insoles. Nearly all of the recommendations were to try SuperFeet and that I wouldn't be disappointed.  A big Thank You to all who responded! I opted for the merinoGREY because I would be hunting in dramatically different temperatures. Some days it would be 95 degrees and others it would be 20 degrees. I needed to find a pair of insoles that would work, ideally, in both ranges.

After a few emails and a call to SuperFeet, I was informed that the merinoGrey I had chosen should be a great fit. I figured that they have been making insoles for over 35 years, so I should listen. I placed my order and a few days later they arrived. Right out of the box I noticed the design was something I had never seen before. The padding was layered quite different than the insoles that came with the boots. I didn't have to cut them to size as they fit perfectly into my boots.

The insoles that came with the boots (TOP) and the SuperFeet merinoGREY (BOTTOM) are vastly different.

The merinoGREY insoles combine natural, thermoregulating merino wool with Superfeet’s legendary support and performance. The result is a supportive insole with a soft, felted merino wool top that will keep your feet warmer when it’s chilly, and cooler when it’s hot. So whether you’re walking in the city or running a mountain trail, the comfortable support you feel will be with you all year long.

The true test was going to be seeing how they would work. As feet should be taken care of on a hunt, I first wore my boots, complete with SuperFeet insoles to the archery range. It was a warm day, but my feet felt great! The packaging states to wear them a couple hours the first time and to increase time after that to break them in. I wanted to be sure to follow the directions to be sure my feet were taken care of.

My next test was going to be the make or break for me. Ahead of me was a six mile hike with my wife. She was wearing running shoes and I my hunting boots with SuperFeet merinoGrey insoles. I also loaded 15 lbs into a backpack for good measure.The temperature was 90+ and it was humid. Time to see if the insoles held up. I hiked those hills like I was wearing sneakers. The SuperFeet felt THAT good. My wife thought I was insane wearing wool socks, wool insoles, and leather hiking boots, but my feet felt great. If they can handle the heat and the hills in SoCal, then they should be able to handle the mountains next year.

So far, these insoles were heaven to my feet. Now that I liked them and they felt great, it was time to take them hunting. I loaded up my pack with water, food, gear and it weighed in around 45#.  Twice now I have worn my boots hunting with the SuperFeet insoles and not once have I complained about sore feet, hot feet or wet feet. I have had zero blisters, no beat up bones, and no swollen arches. These are the very best insoles I have ever used.


  • Superior comfort
  • Easy to use
  • Work in hot or cold temps
  • 60-day comfort guarantee
  • Your feet feel great!

Cons: None as far as I can see.

At $44.95 per pair they seem pricey, but your feet are worth it. Trust me on that. You can spend $10 for cheap rubber insoles at a department store and be miserable, or you can drop the $45 for SuperFeet and never look back.

Overall, the SuperFeet merinoGREY insoles are top notch and they will work in everyday shoes, too. If they work for the grueling hikes when hunting the mountains, just imagine how good your feet will feel during your work day. I highly recommend these to anyone looking to take care of your feet on any hunt. My feet thank you, SuperFeet!

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  1. Looks like I will be ordering a pair in the near future.

    1. John, you won't be disappointed! These make the feet feel great!

  2. Just got them few days ago. They do make a huge difference, especially in a cold, damp day.

    1. Glad you like them, Steve! I can't get enough of them. I am already making my list of new things i need and the top 3 are superFEET.

  3. Hi Albert, do you still use and recommend these?

    1. Hi, yes I still use them and highly recommend them. Your feet will thank you!