Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Slowing Down During Summer

It has been fairly quiet here at The SoCal Bowhunter for the past few weeks. Between battling some sickness, working my tail off and spending time with my family I haven't have much strength or ambition to post. I have just been too darn tired, but I hope that is about to change.

To begin, I have been getting back to my roots with yard work and gardening. I love to grow things and working as a farm hand back in NY or paying attention to my mom as she taught my brother and I how to grow vegetables really helped. I was able to pass that on to my daughter this year as she helped me plant our garden. At four, she just wanted to help with the big plants, but now that things are growing she can't wait to help me pick what is ripe. I always enjoy getting home from work and heading to the garden with her to see what is ready to grace our table.

I have multiple gear reviews in the works that I am very excited about. Over the next few weeks you guys will see some excellent products that are beneficial for the bowhunter. There are some products that are beneficial to any person, hunter or non-hunter, too. Good things my friends, good things.

My mountain bike is now fully functional and ready to eat up some trail time. I am hoping to hit the trails nearby for a few scouting trips soon where I can share some video from my MINOX helmet cam. Hopefully I will be able to get a few trail cameras up and locate some good deer. With all of the fires in the area it has been difficult to choose a hunt location for this year. Scouting will be key for a Plan A, Plan B, and possibly a Plan C.

One of the things I really need to do is get my bow tuned. After shooting in my garage the other day, I noticed a tear that wasn't noticeable before. I was able to tweak it a bit and I am 90% there, but I am pretty sure my timing is off. Time to hit the Pro Shop for some expert advice.

I ran into a fellow local bowhunter this morning at our local supermarket. Super cool guy whom I met at the range a few months back. We chatted like old friends and I will say I was a bit jealous (humor-filled jealousy) at the fact that he is headed up to Montana to do some fishing and elk scouting. Lucky dog! Have a great trip, Ryan!

Overall, I am looking forward to getting some reviews completed and getting some scouting done. Hunting season is almost here and I need to get after it! I hope everyone has a great Independence Day and is enjoying their summer. Cheers!


  1. Glad to hear things are about to start, and glad that your garden is doing well.

  2. I am glad to hear everything is starting to settle down a bit in your neck of the woods. Family time is always a great time. I am also eaglary waiting to see what the gardens bring for us this growoing season.

    I hope that you are have a good spring/summer.

    Homesteading Hunter