Monday, July 22, 2013

Product Review: FUSE plus you iPhone Case

Originally posted on the PocketRanger blog.

How many times has this happened to you? Your phone slips from your grasp and plummets toward the concrete. In a blink of an eye you imagine utter destruction and loss of all the data held within, right? Now, I don't recommend doing it just to try it, but having a protective case will save your iPhone in that situation is a plus. I have been reviewing the FUSE plus you iPhone case in Blaze Orange and Mossy Oak camouflage for the past few months and wanted to share my thoughts.

After reading the directions and inserting my phone into the case, I started to look things over carefully. It has a solid construction and cool design that I liked. I am fairly hard on my gear and most times, when hunting or otherwise my phone stays in my pocket. It gets dinged and collects pocket dust and debris.

The orange and camouflage was great for hikes as I set my phone down in a few places and walked away to see if I could spot it. I even had my four year old try and spot it and with a color like orange, it didn't take her long to find it in the brush.

The rubber interior casing is a bit loose around the phone for my taste. While it did indeed protect the corners of the phone, it did not hold tight against the corners and would lift away at the slightest touch. I was not a fan of that as it didn't give me the confidence I wanted in a case, but like I said I am harder on my gear than most. For everyday applications, this case would work just fine. I did drop the phone by accident and loose or not, the rubber corners protected my phone as it hit the sidewalk.

My wife wanted to test out the case and she gave it a rave review. It protected her phone and she liked the way her phone fit snugly inside. The rubber corners didn't bother her at all. In fact, she thought it protected her phone very well as she accidentally dropped it more than I. She mentioned it was easy to get your phone in and keep it protected.


  • Protective hard shell on most of the phone
  • Rubber casing to protect against drops
  • Bright orange color helps stand out if you drop it while hiking
  • Does not damper sound quality


  • Not waterproof (but FUSE is considering this for the future)
  • No screen protector
  • No protection from dust and debris in the charging port

Overall, I would say the FUSE iPhone case is a good buy at $34.99. Plus, you don’t find many on the market in blaze orange and camouflage. I look forward to seeing more from them and hope the waterproof case comes out soon! Having a case that protects an investment like your iPhone is a must and the FUSE plus you case did the job.

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