Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Product Review: Trophy Ridge React Sight

It's not often that I have guest authors contribute to the SoCal Bowhunter, but every so often it calls for it. Chris Turgeon, one of the guys have have been hunting hogs with recently, was asking me about some new sights a couple months ago and mentioned the Trophy Ridge React Sight. I mentioned that I had not used one, but that it looked pretty cool. As usual, I was skeptical about the claims of quick, easy set up and such. Chris did some research on his own and has been shooting the React Sight for a couple weeks. Here is his in depth gear review.

Like most of you, I watch hunting shows on TV whenever I'm not at work, working on honey-dos, or out in the field. I see all kinds of new bells and whistles available to hunters these days. I am the kind of person that is willing to try just about anything to see if it will work better for me than what I am already using. I am a very aggressive hunter and usually it's my gear that pays the price, so I am constantly replacing items due to damage.

Recently, I talked to my friend Al about wanting to try the new React Sight by Trophy Ridge, but was having a hard time deciding if it were worth spending that much money on. After a few weeks I finally got my hands on one and my first impression while in the box was great it's just gonna be another plastic sight that I am going to break in a few trips.

Well I was wrong about that! It is a very well built and solid sight. So I pulled it out of the box and played with it in my hands for a few minutes before mounting it to my bow.

From the Trophy Ridge website:

This is the new Trophy Ridge React sight with Smart Pin Technology, a revolutionary, tool-less sight system that once calibrated at 20 and 30 yards, makes your 40, 50, and 60 yard pins mathematically impossible to be inaccurate. Perfect precision. Season after season. In less than 10 minutes.


  • Ballistix CoPolymer System
  • Reversible Sight Mount
  • Designed for use with left or right hand bows and high or low anchor points.
  • Multiple mounting holes for more versatility
  • 100% Tool-less micro-adjustment
  • Rheostat light
  • .019 Fiber optic pins
  • Sight level
  1. Sight in your 20 yard pin using the tool-less micro windage and elevation adjustments.
  2. For the next pin step back to 30 yards and fine tune at that distance before shooting the remaining pins.
  3. Once you have 2 pins sighted in accurately the rest of your pins will be automatically set, it’s that easy.

I then headed to the range to see if the sight is as easy to get dialed in as they say. After 9 shots at 20 yards I was splitting arrows! I locked down the sight ring and moved back to the 30 yard marker, made a guess of where my pin should be and let an arrow fly. It hit about one inch low from where I was aiming so I gave the dial a third of a turn and let another arrow fly and it hit perfect. I shot another just to be sure and split the arrow. I then locked the dial down so no more adjustments could be made and dropped back to sixty yards. I let 3 arrows fly and walked up to see what it looked like. I was very impressed with what I saw! I am confident in saying that if I take a shot at anything inside of sixty yard it will be human error if I miss the shot.

I know how hard it is for some people in So Cal to get out to a range where you can practice shots out to sixty yards. Most places have indoor ranges that only have 20-30 yard shots available. I know with this sight that I can hit one of those indoor ranges and feel 100% confident in all my longer yardages.

As far as durability goes, I have high hopes for this sight. I am hard on my gear and only time will tell how this bad boy holds up in the field this season. I have more than a few hog hunts coming up soon and if it can make it through that then my hat will be off to Trophy Ridge.


  1. Sounds great. The range work sounds promising, and I hope it holds up in the field. Please update us after a few outings, and let us know how it holds up.

  2. I noticed that there's four pins green and one red. four pins of one color wont confuse you?

    1. I would have to ask the guy using the sight. I strictly ise an HHA single pin sight. Chris, who wrote the review, loves this sight.