Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Grunts, and Squeals, and Pigs Oh MY!

With rain clouds appearing in the sky, Chris and I shot out Sunday afternoon to try and intercept some pigs. It didn't turn out with a kill, but there was good reason for it.

My day started off very early for a Sunday. I was at the archery range at 7:00 AM ready to fight the masses. Fortunately for me, the range was nearly dead. The cloud cover and threat of much needed rain kept most indoors. I stuck with short range shooting to work my arm and focus. I had a great time and felt incredibly at peace shooting that early. I wish I had a backyard where I could shoot because I would be out there each and every day!

As the day progressed, I packed up the car, and cleaned up with some 'dirt' soap and hit the road to meet up with Chris. According to the trail cam pics the pigs... ok, there are no cam pics because the camera broke down! We have some great pics of darkness. Fortunately, Wildgame Innovations is going to replace the camera as it has a malfunction. Without pics we decided to get into the area that we know holds pigs and do a spot and stalk.

Let me just say I am super thankful for ThermaCELL! With the cloud cover and tree canopy the mosquitoes came out to battle. Damn things were relentless, but we both cranked up the ThermaCELLs and we were safe for most of the evening. As we crept along and kept searching the brush for odd shapes we heard a branch break and stopped. It was an eternity as more branches broke and we hunkered down to wait out whatever was out there. We uncomfortably sat for nearly an hour and a half as we heard grunts, squeals and lots of brush breaking. There were pigs, but they didn't seem happy (not good) and were weary or us. They stayed just out of sight until darkness started to fall.

As dusk settled, they made their way through a clear opening and while I couldn't see them Chris had the angle and could see one boar looking right at us. His head was lifting up and dropping down for a few moments and then they all disappeared.

We hiked out at the end of legal shooting light and ran into a guy who said he was camping right by where we stopped. It was no wonder the pigs were on edge, the damn campers were throwing off their patterns. We were thankful to have been able to get out and hunt, but disappointed because of the camper setting up shop. We must have just missed his campsite as we stalked through the gnarly brush.

The drive home was filled with wet roads and cold rain. We were finally getting rain! It poured and I am stoked that we hunted when we did, because the rain will probably throw off their pattern even more.

Overall, we had a great time. Cheers to Chris for sharing his knowledge of the pigs and for the great hunting stories. I am thankful to have the opportunity to get out and hunt on a whim and give it another go. A big thank you to my wife and daughter for sharing dad with the great outdoors, too. I was able to set some 'honey-do's' aside so I could get out there. Here's to all the bowhunters going after game this week! Good luck and God Bless!


  1. Great story,
    We will get on them soon enough buddy. one of these days the pigs will make a mistake and we will be there waiting at full draw

  2. Sounds like a great time, Al! I'm not looking forward to mosquito season here in AR at all!

  3. Great reading this, and Chris is correct. One pig will make a mistake, and you will be ready.