Tuesday, April 23, 2013

California Turkey Season in Full Swing

My turkey decoys finally arrived and while I have yet to make it into the turkey woods, some of my hunting buddies have been out over the past few weeks and have found success. Some have found new areas to hunt while others have actually filled their tags! 

My hunting buddies Brett and Brandon ventured out to a new area in SoCal last week. After a long drive they found themselves in camp and three other hunters had each taken a bird. They spent a weekend scouring the hills calling and searching and could not get a turkey to come in. That's turkey hunting for you and I have been there. It's tough, but they had fun and are looking forward to getting out again soon!

My friend, Michael, was also out turkey hunting last week. You might remember Michael from a couple years ago on The SoCal Bowhunter blog. Michael was successful in arrowing his very first archery kill while I was hunting with him. On his turkey hunt, Michael opted for a shotgun and was successful in another first. He brought down his first turkey ever! The tom had a 4" beard and weighed 15 lbs. dressed out. He had to rub it in and also say that it tasted delicious! Awesome and a big congrats to you my friend!

More and more turkey stories are coming in that I can't wait to share!

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