Friday, January 18, 2013

SoCal Bowhunter Goals and Objectives for 2013

Making resolutions isn't in my nature or vocabulary. Instead, I make a realistic set of goals in the hope I have enough drive to accomplish them all within the year. 2013 will be full of family outings, writing for PSE Archery, and for hunting and fishing. I shared the results of my 2012 goals in a previous post and fared well in my own standards.

2013 Goals & Objectives for The SoCal Bowhunter

  1. Shoot at a 3D target range (or set one up). I know that to become a better archer and bowhunter I need to practice at a 3D range a few times. Even better yet would be to set up a small 3D range of my own that I could use often. That is setting the bar high as I truly would like to get out and shoot at a local range. The range in Orange seems like my best bet and I am sure I can get a few of my buddies to go have some fun, too.

  2. Get back into bowhunting shape and I don't mean just losing weight. I also mean getting my upper body stronger and conditioned so that drawing my bow is smooth every time. I did well in 2012 in preparation for my Colorado elk hunt and aim to to the same now. I took nearly a month off around the holidays for an experiment (future post) and now I am eager to get the lungs going strong and trimming down the waistline. Plus, in 2012 we located some new areas to hunt and hiked our tails off up and over hills. I plan on doing that and then some again this year!

  3. Do more turkey and hog hunting. I did not get into the field as much as I wanted to last Spring. I have some areas pegged for good turkey and hog hunting on public land and just need to make the trip. It may involve camping out a few nights, but it'll be well worth it!

  4. Arrow a SoCal deer (pacific-hybrid or mule, I don't care). I didn't get too close last year due to my honey-hole being barricaded. As a result, we found some new spots, but are starting all over with trail cams and scouting. In our new area, Brett was able to get close, but had no shot. This year we are stepping up our online and ground search to find some productive areas.

  5. Spend some more time freshwater and saltwater fishing. I put fishing on hold for much of 2012 and I found that I really missed it. My daughter is now wanting to go and I can't wait to take her. I also want to go tuna fishing later in the year and the best times fall around December, which is also a good time for deer! I will have to keep an eye on the timing of the tuna run and my tags this year.

  6. Gain access to some new hunting areas. I have found some private land that I know is very promising for deer and quail. I will be making some calls and knocking on doors asking for permission this year. Hopefully that will be just what is needed to check off #4.

  7. Save up for the 2014 Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show. I blew my travel cash on my elk hunt last year and I don't regret it for a second! I didn't get to go to ATA or SHOT Show, but I lived vicariously through people on Twitter and Facebook. In 2014 I would really like to make it out Nashville and I'll bet I can convince my country loving wife to head out there with me. Time will tell!

  8. Spend more time taking good, quality photographs in the field. While I did well at the beginning of 2012, my patience fell off at the end of the season and I noticed that I hurried too many shots.

  9. Visit some product manufacturers factories or offices and get to know some of the people behind the scenes. I think it would be good to put a name with a face and see where some of the products are manufactured. It would also be a good way to start forging relationships between myself and reputable companies.

  10. Teach someone new how to shoot a bow. I love seeing the reaction on a persons face when they 'get it' and understand what you have been talking about. I hope to teach at least one person how to shoot properly, and if we can make it happen to get them out hunting!

  11. Volunteer for the 2013 Sheep Survey. I participated in this last year with some friends and while we didn't see any sheep (it was too hot) we had a great time. I am looking forward to this again and this year we should be able to find some more. Plus, I am ready to hike in deeper to find them!

  12. Apply for some draw tags and preference points. To this point I haven't found a need, but as I grow as a hunters and yearn to find different game to hunt I see that I must try for some coveted tags.

  13. Continue to pursue out-of-state hunts. I have hunted Colorado and now plan on looking to hunt alligators in Georgia, maybe elk or deer in Idaho, and maybe, just maybe try to get back to hunting in Colorado with my buddy Eddy.  
I have seen some other goals being set by my fellow bloggers and I am excited and hopeful for you all! The very best of wished from me to you. 
Have you set any hunting goals for 2013? What are they?


  1. Nice goals Al. I'm there with you on many. I will be shooting my first competition at the ASA in Florida the weekend of Feb 1/2. Wasn't really a goal it just turned out that way with the advancement in this field. Also, if you commit to Nashville, I'll commit to be there to. I wanted to go this year and couldn't make it. And lastly, teaching someone to shoot a bow...I've got the opening day of youth week for turkey hunting set up already for my daughter. I CANNOT WAIT!

  2. Good luck, Al!! How about adding "hunting anything in AR with The Peavine" to the list?? I'm looking forward to reading all about the adventures you have planned for the upcoming year!

  3. That is a heck of a list, Al! Good luck...hit it hard!