Thursday, August 16, 2012

Planning Upcoming Archery Hunts

It's been a slow week for my blog. Beside working, I have been either on the phone, in my workshop or compiling what I need for this season. When I say season I don't mean just deer season. I am also talking pig, elk, bear, turkey, etc.

A few new areas to hunt have opened up, and God willing I will be able to travel up north a little ways to hunt deer and pigs. There is a slim chance that I could hunt a property for some bear, too. No matter what, I have a few spots locally that should produce this year and I am chomping at the bit to hit the woods.

We will be continuing our scouting this weekend, too. This time we are going to leave the morning alone and see what's moving in the evening. My excitement level is at an all time high because it's not often we get to scout these areas in the evening. Plus, we are going to be checking our trail cams to see if we were able to get any photos. I sure hope we have some good deer footage and not a lot of cat footage! I'll have an update for everyone next week.

Best of all, we get to hit the archery range tonight and fling some arrows. A little arrow therapy goes a long way when you are at a desk all week! By this point in the year, we are all shooting well and are loving the range time. I know Brandon has a trip planned to the Trinity Alps in a few weeks and we are all pulling for him to tag a nice blacktail deer. Best of luck up there!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and good luck to those who have begun their hunting seasons!

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