Monday, August 6, 2012

Archery Practice Leads to Dead Deer and Hog

Sorry for the misleading title! As you can see, 'real' animals were harmed during the making of our practice session! I was referring to our targets at the archery range on Friday night. Brett and I hit the range early and our first shots at 40 yards are shown below.

Needless to say, we were on fire! The entire practice session was the best we have had on the range. We picked different ranges by tossing an arrow someplace, walking up to it and shooting. It felt great to be able to judge the distance at will. To make things interesting, I put together a makeshift rabbit target out of old socks and placed it out there for us to shoot at. What a confidence boost when we pegged this thing every time we shot!

After practicing, we chatted about our scouting trip we had planned for the next morning. You could see the excitement in our smiles as we talked about packs, terrain and temperature. Once everything was set, we headed back to our homes to finish packing and to get some sleep. In a few short hours, the alarm would go off and we'd be making our way into the mountains.


  1. Sounds like you guys are dialing it in and geting fired up! I rolled out of CA for the "last time" just as the A zone archery season was winding up. Sort of miss my annual birthday rifle hunt in the central coast heat!

    On the flip side, now I've got Texas to hunt. Different world here, man... very different.

  2. Phillip, glad to hear the move is finally in the rear view! I've been following your progress and that had to take a toll. Must be nice to be in Texas now! I hope you get more time and find more areas to hunt!