Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Confidence Level Stabilization - Bullseye!

In my post from yesterday, I mentioned how my shooting was way off and that I had found an issue with my stabilizer. After a day of rest, I attacked my project. With a little elbow grease, some rough sandpaper and heavy duty super glue I fixed the stabilizer. After giving it 24 hours to allow the glue to cure, I reattached the stabilizer to my bow.

I never used to to put much thought into stabilizers until I saw the benefits firsthand. Sometimes, we just need to revisit the simple things, like bow stabilization. To help make it even clearer, PSE Archery recently posted a video about balancing your bow in your hand. I watched it and tested the lesson. My bow, sans quiver, was balanced and it felt good. Well, it was balanced until I added the weight of my quiver and five arrows. THEN it was way off. So, I added the four ounce weight to the end of my Trinity stabilizer with high hopes. The added weight on my stabilizer really helped balance the bow in my hand. Now I needed to see if it worked whilst shooting.

Many people ask me why I don't just take my quiver off the bow when shooting or hunting. Most of my hunting is done out West, so  I leave it on for a couple reasons. First, I want to have all of my arrows with me when I am shooting. If I set my quiver down, put on a stalk and forget where I put it then I am in trouble. Then I have to spend time looking for my lost quiver. Second, when I am hunting I like having everything attached to my bow that I normally shoot with. I don't hunt much out of a treestand anymore, unless I am in NY for whitetails. Even then I leave the quiver on most of the time. I like having my arrows right where I can see them all of the time.

Last night, I couldn't take it anymore and I went to the archery range. I know it had only been a couple days, but I had to see if the stabilizer issue was fixed and if the added weight improved my shooting. My sight was slightly off from me tweaking it, so my first arrow (photo on left) blew right through the wet straw bale and hit the ground 10 yards behind the target. Can you say power? I love how fast, flat and powerful my PSE Bow Madness shoots! With a slight sight adjustment, and continued mental focus, I shot again and again. On the right, you can see my average grouping (from 20-60 yards) and my stabilizer. With the added weight, my bow felt perfect... and I mean PERFECT (remember me mentioning that yesterday?) in my hands. After countless prayers, surveying the situation and a little work I had my bow back to where I needed it to be. After shooting at different ranges with the same result I believe I fixed my problem!

Feeling very thankful, confident and extremely happy, I went home and started to gear up for scouting on Saturday. I figure it'll be worth it to bring my bow in case we run across some jack rabbits or some coyotes. I sure hope we do because I feel the need to put some arrows in flight and bring down some song dogs!

It just goes to show you that if you get frustrated, take a step back and survey the situation. Ask yourself questions until you can figure out what the underlying issue is. I did just that and it worked wonders. Take your time, get it right and you'll be back knocking out bullseyes before you know it.

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