Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bow Adventures - Summer 2012 Issue

It has finally arrived! Many of you have been asking me about when the new issue of BowAmerica would be published. To answer your question, BowAmerica is now Bow Adventures and will be published on a quarterly basis. I am very excited about this issue because it's a fresh start, has some great articles and an interview with well-known huntress Melissa Bachman.

Plus, in this issue I have two articles. The first is Getting Into Archery. 
With the archery craze hitting the mainstream media with movies like The Hunger Games, The Avengers, and Brave more and more people are looking at getting into archery. The thing that usually holds them back is they don’t know how to get started. Recently, Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga, CA invited me to give a seminar on Getting Into Archery directing it toward women and our youth. I can see why as just the other night, after returning from the archery range, I was outside my garage chatting with a fellow archer when a car drove past us down the alley and abruptly stopped. The driver put the car in reverse and stopped right behind me. I could hear two kids in the car exclaiming, 'That's so cool! Awesome!' It dawned on me that I had my side quiver full of arrows attached to the outside of my backpack. I quickly turned around and said hello and they just seemed mesmerized. Goes to show you the impact these movies are having. Sure, there are plenty of other movies and television shows where archery was present. Most times people can rattle off two or three right off the bat. There are many and most are traditional archers. Think Robin Hood and Lord of the Rings. Then you have the recurve and compound shooters from movies like Rambo, Blade: Trinity and TV shows like Smallville (Green Arrow).

Fortune was on my side as I got my start in archery when I was very young. How young? Nine years old to be exact. I hail from a bowhunting family and my dad introduced me archery by handing me a fiberglass longbow, some wooden arrows and walking me to a stack of hay bales on the farm. Growing up on a farm had its advantages. The straw bales were plentiful, so I always had a target to shoot at. My brother and I would fire arrow after arrow after arrow, all the while pretending we were hunting or saving a train from would-be robbers. No matter what the ‘game’ of the day was we had fun, and were fortunate enough to have someone right there to teach us.

The most common question I never get asked is...
Read the full article on page 18.

The second article is a gear review on the KOWA BD 10x42 Binoculars.
Quality. Whenever a hunter asks me about what optics to buy, quality is the first word out of my mouth. That's what you want in optics and I can tell from first hand experience that KOWA is quality.  I'll admit, I didn't know much about KOWA when I first saw some advertisements in a hunting magazine. I had heard about people using the brand, but hadn't seen them first hand. I didn't even personally know a single hunter who used their optics. I hope this review will change that for the hunting community.

While talking with the folks over at KOWA, it is obvious that they have the utmost confidence in their products. Not only are they knowledgeable, but they are dedicated to providing quality, customer service. They gave me the opportunity to see for myself and to share my findings with the hunting community.
So, for the past few weeks I have been testing out a pair of KOWA 10x42s and a pair of the SV10x50s from the new product line. I was able to put them to use in the field, along with a TN-773 Series Spotting Scope when I went on the CA Bighorn Sheep Survey in the SoCal mountains. I have also taken them out hog hunting in different terrain at a different time of day. I enjoyed every second of reviewing these. For this review I will cover the KOWA BD 10x42s Binoculars and the others in subsequent reviews...
Read the full review on page 54.

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  1. Great article Al, and great review as well. I too was raised in an archery family and remember my first bow and arrow was the suction cup arrows and little fiberglass bow. Good times.