Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Bowfishing Slam: Part Two

As promised, here is Part Two of The Bowfishing Slam with Bill Howard. I am really excited for him and what he is looking to accomplish!


Likely the most dangerous of all the trips will be the shortfin mako. Not only are you looking at a shark that is ferocious when it is in a good mood, but after that arrow hits you have no idea where the 500 lb beast may go. One place you do know it will head is up to 30 feet in the air as it leaps out of the ocean. Many anglers have perished after hooking a mako when the mako takes a sharp dive down and then turns upward. The shark can swim up to 65 miles per hour, causing the line to drag in the water to the point of continuously shredding line from the reel even as it is making its ascension to the top. Then out of nowhere, the mako leaps 30 feet into the air and lands in the boat, killing the angler and anyone else nearby from its weight and strength.

So, [with only] one more species left, and instead of one more salt water [fish], I went with the only non-fish species you can bowfish for legally in the U.S. The American alligator is perfect for bowfishing whether from a boat during day or night, or stalking on shoreline.

In nearly every case, the most expensive part of [each] hunt will be the travel. Even the most expensive charter for deep sea and mako will cost less than a typical elk outfitter. Heck, even a guided wild turkey hunt likely costs more.

In the book, I will cover hunts for each of the species, sharing the locations and costs of each quest. You will learn a little about the history, habitat, and equipment needed.

To supplement the book, I will be releasing a DVD series and also broadcasting on MyOutdoorsTV which is owned by the Outdoors Channel. MyOutdoorsTV is subscription based online televison/video similar to Netflix but for outdoors hunting and fishing entertainment.


If you want any further details on his hunts, his book or just want to help him fulfill his quest, you can check out The Bowfishing Slam blog and contact him through there. I think that the book is going to be a great new look into the world of bowhunting/bowfishing and it has much promise. Good luck, Bill!

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