Monday, May 7, 2012

Archery Seminars Lead to New Friends
Over the weekend I had the pleasure of giving a 'Getting Into Archery' seminar on Saturday and Sunday at Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I had the only archery seminar and I had the 4 PM time slot which made it a challenge. I welcome challenges!

I was able to get there a few hours early to hit the archery range and shoot with Redhead Pro Staffer Harold Horner. We shot our bows, dialed them in a bit more and talked hunting for the better part of two hours. I had a great time and Harold, thanks for taking the time to go over upland bird hunting. I learned a great deal, plus I had a great time. Meeting your wife and Trevor was great, too. We had plenty to talk about on Sunday afternoon!

The Saturday seminar kicked off a little late because of the previous seminar, but the six people who attended were very patient. With only six people I was able to focus on what they wanted to learn about. I covered the archery media craze, gear, pro shops and proper form. We had some great input from the ladies in the crowd which was really great to hear. Once it was over, I opened it up to a Q&A session and the questions were great! Thank you to all who attended and shared information.

The Sunday seminar seats filled quickly and all in all I would say there were around twenty people in the audience. We had a nice mix of young boys and girls, wives and girlfriends and people looking to get started in the crowd. The seminar went very well and pretty much flew by. The Q&A after brought out not only some great questions, but some new archers, too. It was a pleasure meeting you all and thank you all for not only attending, but asking questions and offering pointers. I met some great people from, a great couple from Huntington Beach and some young people from the area. I'll admit, I lost track of time with talking about archery and my love of it. I will offer an apology to the women who waited patiently for me to stop talking so they could get their men out of the store. You were all VERY patient. The great thing is that many of us live close enough and we are all planning on getting together to shoot over at El Dorado Park in Long Beach, CA very soon. If anyone is interested, contact me and I'll try to set something up. 

A big thank you to everyone who made this possible. Thank you to Bass Pro Shops for asking me to come in and give the seminar, the attendees and my wife who deals with my archery obsession on a daily basis.

Here's a map of El Dorado Park in Long Beach. The entrance is off of Spring St. Drive in, take a left at the stop sign and then take a right by the range. There is a $7 charge to get in before 6 or 6:30 PM. Carpool in and you'll save money!


  1. Thanks, Ben! Both days were good, but Sunday was the best. Great showing and great interaction. I am very much looking forward to shooting with these guys and gals.

  2. Hey Al , it was great meeting you , I enjoyed your seminar sorry I couldn't hang around after you wrapped, Look forward to crossing paths again soon, keep me posted on the El Dorado Park shoot, take care happy hunting !!! LeeWa

  3. Thanks, Lee. Looks like a bunch of us are going to meet over there on Friday (May 11) around 6 PM. The more the merrier!