Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Product Review: Edge Khor Polarized Safety Glasses Kit with Digital Camo Frame and Smoke, Yellow and AR Lenses
Living in Southern California has many perks. We have great weather year round, there is plenty to do and the opportunities are limitless. Hunting out here is a challenge. Especially when you are constantly subjected to the sun's rays. Out here, my eyes are constantly being exposed to sunshine and wind. Then, add in working on projects in my workshop and I MUST wear eye protection. Finding a decent pair of sunglasses that fit my large head can be tough. Finding a pair of comfortable, long-lasting, protective eye protection is tough.  Combine the two and add camouflage to the mix and it's almost impossible. Almost.

One of my friends introduced me to the Edge Eyewear brand last year and said I would really like the way they fit and worked. I had my doubts because I had never found a pair of sunglasses that fit my head the way I needed them to. They also never lasted long enough to care about. I am not ashamed to admit that he was right on and I had no need to worry!

Specs from their website:
Safety or Style? Would you ever settle for just one? Of course not, that's why you choose Khor! Newly redesigned with sophisticated styling, the Khor has interchangeable lenses with ANSI Z87.1+ 2003 from independent ANSI accredited labs. Once again, Safety AND Style!

  • Digital camo pattern on frame
  • Provides 99.9% protection from UVA/UVB/UVC rays.
  • Fog resistant and scratch resistant lenses.
  • Wrap around frame with no side shield distortion.
    Kit Includes:
    • Polarized Smoke Lens Set
    • Yellow Lens Set
    • Anti-Reflective Lens Set
    • Hard Case
    • Lens Cleaning Bag
My first impression of the Khor polarized safety glasses were that they were super-lightweight, flexible and just plain looked cool! After giving them a thorough inspection, I set them out ready to take with me hunting. My next trip - and each one thereafter had these situated carefully in my pack.

The sun beats down harshly in the mountains of Southern California. The areas I hunt have very little shade and light-colored grasses which causes eye strain and then my head begins to hurt. I started wearing contacts in the field last year so that I could better utilize my optics. Now I needed protection from the sun and the Edge Khor glasses did the trick with so much extra.

I was able to test these glasses out on multiple days. When I first used them it was for the UV protection. The sunglasses provided superb protection for my eyes in the direct sunlight. The glasses also wrap around your head more than most and protect your eyes from the wind. I thought that was great because when I wear my contacts, they normally get dry quickly due to a breeze or higher winds. The Khor glasses allowed me to view the landscape without squinting or having my eyes burn due to no moisture.

The glasses also have a patented contact surface that gets tacky in order to keep it snug on your face when you perspire. This worked exceptionally well as I hiked mile after mile around my hunting spot. They never slipped off my face, no matter how much I perspired. Bonus points for this because the last thing I want to have to do is keep pushing the glasses back up on my face.

These glasses have interchangeable lenses that are well-built and extremely easy to swap out. You have your smoke lens, the amber lens and the clear. Each is good for different situations, but having the luxury or swapping out lenses is a blessing. No need to carry three pairs of glasses with you. You wear one and carry the lenses. When you need a different lens, you simply pop it out and put the desired one in. I thought this feature was one of the best I have seen. I wore the smoke lenses during the most intense sun blasting parts of each day. During the hike in and hike out I wore the amber lenses. (I found the amber lenses really highlighted and improved my being able to spot snakes and other animals by filtering out some color. This may or may not work for you, but it did for me.) In the garage/workshop I utilized the clear lenses for eye protection from shards of wood and metal flying up and hitting my eyes.

Not only are the glasses to protect from the sun, but they are made with high-grade plastic. Utilizing these while working in your garage, workshop, or with power tool will protect your eyes. The frames is bendable and I tested out the durability in a few ways. I placed the sunglasses in my pack, without the protective case, on a few hunting trips. I tossed the pack on the ground, used it for a back rest, and placed more gear on top of the glasses in the pack to see if the glasses would stand up to the abuse. Not only did they hold up, when I took them out they looked like they did when I put them in. These glasses are built to withstand a great deal of abuse and still protect your eyes the way protective glasses should.

Here's a video that shows you the need for eye protection. It's a must see.

The only negative things I have to say are not really negatives per say. The packaging states 'Fog and Scratch Resistant' and that is true. They are resistant, not fog and scratch proof. While hiking in, the glasses fogged up on numerous occasions. I realized that the glasses were hugging my face a bit too close, so I moved them forward, away from my face. That fixed the issue. The lenses have some scratches after multiple uses that are noticeable, but I figure if that ever gets to be an issue I will purchase just the replacement lenses (which cost about $6.50).

The Edge Eyewear Khor polarized eyewear kit retails for $39.95 which is a steal! Where can you buy a high quality, single pair of sunglasses for that price these days, let alone a pair of polarized safety glasses? $39.95 gets you an entire kit, cleaning cloth and protective case. It's a bargain and you won't want to pass it up! I got a pair for my hunting partner and he wears them everywhere. The SoCal Bowhunter highly recommends this polarized eyeglass kit and I will be hard-pressed to ever switch to another set. Go get some

These go in my pack every time I hit the trail. Done deal!

Disclaimer: The reviews on The SoCal Bowhunter are solely my honest opinions. The Edge Khor safety glasses were provided to me for the purpose of review. I receive no monetary compensation in exchange for these reviews.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Mash-up: News, Movies, and Seminars
Much happened over the weekend, some good and some bad. These are in no particular order, so please bear with me.

First, with the popularity of movies like The Hunger Games and Brave, it seems that more people are looking to get into archery. That in itself is a great thing, but it seems that some want to do it illegally as The Pasadena Roving Archers found out over the weekend. Their facility was broken into and some $3,500 worth of equipment was stolen. This disgusts me beyond belief. Below is an excerpt, but you can read the entire article over at Pasadena News Now. There is a link at the bottom of the article if you wish to donate some money to help them rebuild.
Local archery organization the Pasadena Roving Archers suffered a devastating loss of equipment and supplies over the past weekend as the result of a Saturday night break-in of their storage facility, according to Club President Gary Spiers.

Spiers says the estimated losses of around $3,500 are not covered by insurance and due to the nature of items stolen – including all their arrows – the club will not be able to conduct regular classes for the first time in years, maybe decades.

The group believes that the thieves came well prepared, Spiers saying the thieves targeted specific equipment from the archery range, breaking into their storage shed with the use of portable power tools.

I also watched the movie Thor again for about the fifth time. Anyone that knows me well knows I am a MARVEL geek and love just about anything to do with MARVEL. This time I really paid attention to the scenes with Hawkeye and was so amazed at how truly bad Jeremy Renner's form was. Not only that, but in the scene the arrow isn't even on the rest. It's between the rest and the riser. I had one friend (another comic book guy) tell me it was probably due to aesthetically getting the angle of the shot. I had to respectfully disagree as putting the arrow on the rest would have not only made perfect sense, it would have looked MUCH better to any archer watching. If you saw my post from earlier last week you'll see why this sort of thing drives me crazy. Take a look and see what you think.

The string isn't even in the frame!

The arrow isn't even sitting on the rest.

California turkey season opens this coming Saturday, March 31st. To help prepare hunters for it, I gave my third turkey hunting seminar at Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga, CA on Saturday. The enthusiasm in the seminar area was fantastic! I kept my part short-n-sweet and ended up answering questions and listening to stories for two hours! 

Right before the final seats filled.

These two added some excitement to the calling demonstration.

One of the most common questions was how many turkeys are in Southern California. The estimated statewide population of wild turkeys is somewhere around 240,000 birds. Estimates for Southern California are around 30,000 birds. There are plenty of birds, we just have to find them and get them to come in! 

The seminar was great and I want to thank everyone who came out and participated!

I also was able to get out and do a little hog hunting/scouting right after the seminar. We hit some public land and glassed for a few hours. We spotted a lone coyote, but no hogs. We didn't have much time to dig right into the thick stuff, but we had a great time just being out there. It felt so peaceful without the automobile ear pollution. Here's to hoping we can get out there again very soon!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Product Review: Pure Hydration Armoured Reservoir and Inline Filter
Last Fall, I found the need for a new water bladder that could hold more than a liter of water.  You need to stay hydrated or risk major problems, disorientation or even death. I did plenty of research and found what I was looking for. When I spoke with Jennifer Lappin at Rocky Mountain Survival, LLC, she recommended the Pure Hydration Armoured Reservoir. She mentioned other hunters were using it, but that I should judge it for myself. A few days later I received a 3 liter bladder and inline filter attachment to review.

The Pure Hydration bladder is touted at the most durable on the market. Just check out this video by the inventor.

  • Extremely tough Armour Weave material- tear and puncture resistant
  • Top opening reservoir for easy cleaning
  • Flexible delivery tube with insulated and UV protected jacket
  • On/off switch and bite valve
  • Capacity 2 or 3 Liters
  • PureLink compatible ( can be used with or without a filter / can be clipped in & out of line)

Open Top
The Armoured Reservoir comes with a resealing top so you can open it up and clean it, literally, inside and out.
The Pure Hydration Inline Filter can be installed into the PureLink connectors to turn your hydration pack into a water purifier capable of cleaning 350 liters (92.46 gallons) of water on the go.
To fill the bladder, you open the zippered double-lock at the top. Fill it to the desired level, lock down both locks, fold it over and then Velcro it in place. Just be sure to have BOTH locks zipped up. I made the mistake of only having one locked at first, squeezed the bladder for verification and it exploded all over my kitchen counter. Oops!

My next challenge was getting them to fit inside my Badlands 2200. Anyone who uses this pack knows that the bladder pouch is meant for the Badlands bladder alone. I hate that, but this review is not on that. So, I was forced to adjust. There are two holes for hanging at the top of the bladder. I'll admit, I was hesitant to hang the bladder by string in fear of it breaking the plastic, but I had no choice. The plastic tab with with the holes held up amazingly well. I took out multiple times, filled with water and it bounced around in my pack. There isn't a single tear in the plastic.

Initially, I was using these only in the high desert of Southern California. I also wanted to test it in colder weather, so I decided to also take this on my New York whitetail hunt last Fall. It worked well until we had a few cold days. For some reason there was air seeping into the mouthpiece each time I would attempt a drink. I took out the swivel-release tab (the one that allows the flow of water to your mouth) and then inspected the rubber bushing. No tears and seemed to be nothing wrong. I put it back together and it worked fine for a few times and then I was back to the same air seepage problem. When I got back to California, I tested it here and the same thing happened. I mentioned this to Jennifer and she had not heard of this issue before. We discussed what was happening and couldn't narrow down what may have caused it, so she offered to replace the one I had. We exchanged them and I have been using the new one for the past two months without incident. Great customer service, too!

I had the bladder unprotected in my pack. There were items always hitting, rubbing, poking it in my pack. I wanted to test it this way because when you are seven miles in, you don't want your water bag to burst! I beat it up and it performed beautifully.

The hose clips into an attachment on the base of the bladder. This works very well for filling it up, for cleaning the device, but most of all for attaching the inline filter! Fill the bladder from a water source, clip in the filter, then attach the hose. Immediately, you have clean drinking water free of bacteria and harmful contaminates. It works great!

Cleaning the system is a breeze compared to other bladder systems. You open up the bladder at the top with the plastic zippers, wash with soap and water, rinse and hang it open to dry. Because the hose detaches, you can also clean it out without fear of stripping the rubber near the end or losing the seal. Unclip, run your cleaning system through it and you are done.

My only recommendation to Pure Hydration would be to see if they can create a square-type water bladder to fit in the Badlands style bladder pouch. As Badlands is one of the top sellers (if not THE top seller) of hunting backpacks, they have a square pouch that this bladder does not fit in. It would be spectacular to have such a durable bladder system fit into it.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this bladder to hunters who need a durable water bladder. The bonus is that with the inline filter you won't have to pack bulky water filtration devices. The Armoured Reservoir retails for $79.99 and the Inline Filter system retails for $89.99. The price may seem steep compared to other bladders, but this one is 3 liters, durable as ever, and you can clip in a filter to save some space/weight in your pack.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bass Pro Shops Seminar: Advanced Turkey Hunting Techniques
With less than two weeks before the Spring opener for turkey here in SoCal, I will be giving another seminar this Saturday at 1 PM at Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga. I have had a few people email me regarding some topic discussion which is great. Thanks for the feedback guys! I will work those into the seminar.

Topics to be discussed: 
  • Preparing for the hunt
  • Scouting (locating the birds) 
  • Calling (choosing the right call)
  • Tactics: What to do when the tom won’t come in and decoy placement.
Video screen grab from last year, one week before the season started.

I hope to see you guys out there! I'll be there early if you have questions or want to chat about other hunting whether it be deer, bear, hogs or just getting out in the woods.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Hollywood Archery: Good Representation?
During the planning of the Hollywood Celebrity Sporting Clays Invitational last year, Tim Case and I started off discussing how archers are represented in Hollywood. Tim, an archery instructor from Pennsylvania, and I talked over the phone on multiple occasions. We talked about a few movies out there that could have really used some archery instruction on set. Not that we want any part of the H-wood scene, but to represent what we love in a proper way would be beneficial to both sides, don't you agree?

A few weeks after we last spoke, I received a text message from Tim asking me to look at the movie The Immortals and see if I could spot anything wrong. Immediately, I noticed that the spray-painted gold bow that Theseus was shooting had a target sight on it (why would they need a sight on a bow from hundreds of years ago?), and that it was mounted on the opposite side of how he was shooting. But that wasn't the worst part. Look at this image and you'll see that he's shooting right-handed using a left-handed shooters bow. Really Hollywood? You couldn't come up with someone to tell you THAT was incorrect? I am not reviewing the movie here, to be honest I have not seen it, now do I care to. There are so many things wrong with Henry Cavill's form here that I will let you guys pick it apart.

Image courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.

Then yesterday, a friend of mine, who knows I am a MARVEL geek and that I am really looking forward to The Avengers movie, sent me a link. One of our SoCal archers and writers, Jim MacQuarrie, did a review on the movie role of Hawkeye. I read it from top to bottom and while Hollywood is supposed to be an entertainment venue, and not always entirely spot on, I have to say that Jim's review was spectacular. He also reviewed the archery in "BRAVE" and "The Hunger Games." I highly recommend you swing over and read the review on Hawkeye and read some of the comments and if you have time, read the other reviews. Interesting and great material.

Frankly, he shoots like a rank amateur. Does this ruin the movie? No. But if they’d gotten it right, the film would be even better; attention to the details is usually an indicator of attention to the big picture. In a few interviews last year, Renner said he was taking archery lessons in preparation for the role, but from what I see here, it looks like he (a) had no coach and was entirely self-taught; (b) had an incompetent coach (there are many out there); or (c) is a terrible student and refused to do what his coach told him.

I have to completely agree with Jim on this one. If the Hollywood big-wigs just had a go-to group or person in archery related matters this could be solved very simply. I know it can be views as nitpicking, but in this case I think it's more than that. I have a feeling my fellow archers who use traditional equipment will truly enjoy Jim's take on archery form and shooting. I know Tim Case would agree that Hollywood needs some guidance because he has mentioned it to me in the past and he and Jim are both spot on.  Will it happen? I sure hope so.

Check out the reviews and let me know how you feel. There's no right or wrong answer. I am just feeling like people should express their opinions outright and not be judged. So really. How do you feel about it? Do you think we are too picky or should Hollywood give more attention to detail?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Turkey Hunting, Getting Started - Bass Pro Seminar
On Saturday, March 10th, I gave another seminar at the Rancho Cucamonga Bass Pro Shops on getting started in turkey hunting. I am truly humbled at the turnout. We had over 40 people either sitting or standing. We had a Rio Grande jake and hen there and that was a major draw. The jake reacting to some of the calls was spectacular to hear and see!

We covered everything from camouflage, to locations and scouting, calling and patterning your firearm. The short seminar turned into a great Q&A session that lasted nearly 90 minutes. There were some great questions asked! I answered them the best I could and even stuck around for a bit after to swap stories, ideas and I even picked up a couple of tips from the new hunters. Thanks guys!

All in all it was another successful day at Bass Pro Shops. I was able to share some information and keep a lock on my wallet. The next time I have a feeling the wallet will not be so lucky!

The next seminar will be March 24th at 1 PM on Advanced Local Turkey Hunting. Looking forward to seeing everyone out!

Sharing some stories from back East on how I got started.
The enthusiastic crowd was fantastic and got me very excited to share more information.
Me using my beat up, trusty Lynch's box call to get a reaction out of the jake.
Great conversation with the attendees after the seminar.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A New Adventure: San Gabriel Bighorn Sheep Survey
When I shared with people that I was participating in the San Gabriel Bighorn Sheep Survey most people had distorted faces and asked, We have sheep in California? Others said there are no sheep in California and from the result this past Sunday, you may believe that.

Honestly, I cannot remember how I found out about the sheep survey. I believe I was doing some research on hunting sheep when I found the survey website. After reading through the information I was hooked! I sent in my request and I was contacted by Jeff Villepique at the CA DFG. He sent me the volunteer packet full of information and I signed up. I contacted my buddy Cody Scott and he immediately said he wanted in, as did his friend Josh Adams. Right on!

An orientation was held the evening before the actual survey on March 3rd. DFG actually had around 350 people signed up for the event, but I would guess that less than half that actually showed.  The biologists covered what to look for, how to age the sheep and they described the different spots we could choose to go to. Cody, Josh and I discussed the different areas before choosing a spot. We took into consideration the drive (me from Long Beach and they from Yucaipa), the time of day we'd have to be there, how far and steep the hike was and when we'd finish up. When all was said and done, we had chosen the group hiking the South Fork at Lytle Creek. I also got to meet one of my blog readers who was at the orientation with his son. Tom, it was great meeting you! Did you guys see any sheep?

The weather was not what we had anticipated during the weeks prior to the survey. We figured there would be a foot of snow, it would be cold and the hike would be rough. It was exactly the opposite. We started hiking in at 9 AM and the temps were around 65 degrees. No snow, very warm and instead of bundling up, I was wearing shorts. That's what I'm talking about! Now, the glare off of my white legs probably blinded a few folks, but it was only temporary. The hike wasn't rough, but it was challenging. Between the optics, my camera equipment and water I had 45 lbs in my Badlands on our hike in. Insane? Maybe.

Our hike in over boulders, crossing the stream and traversing logs. (Excuse the crappy cell phone pic).

The hike in was over rocks, boulders, through the stream and moderately steep in a few places, but all-in-all an awesome, fun hike. We were led in by our volunteer guides, Neil and Tom. Neil is an ex-Marine with a love for the outdoors. Tom I didn't get to know much. Not only was Neil knowledgeable, but he was super cool to everyone. Not pushing anyone beyond their limits, resting when needed and he was great to talk with. Neil, thanks to you and Tom for everything you guys did on Sunday.

Here are a few photos of us glassing the mountain sides. We saw absolutely NO sheep all day long. The highlight of the day was when I was able to spot a ground squirrel at the very leak of the mountain we were glassing. I was using the spotting scope and when I spotted him, others scanned the peak to find him. Cody was able to spot him quickly. Many in our group said that I must be using some high-quality optics to view something so small, so clear being that far away. Indeed I was!

Cody Scott utilizing a pair of the new SV 10x50 KOWA binoculars.

This was me using a TSN-773 spotting scope from KOWA.

Josh Adams lining up his spotter trying to locate some sheep.

Our view down the canyon.

I did spot a beauty of a spider at my feet followed up by a scorpion scurrying across the rocks.

This spider had no fear of me and held his ground.

At least I was able to spot this scorpion as he sauntered across the hot rocks.

Just some beautiful plants growing in the river bottom.

The optics we were using were using to glass were made by the fine folks at KOWA Sporting Optics. (Product reviews forthcoming). I want to say thank you to Jim Danzenbaker and Bob Kotula for getting some spectacular glass in our hands. It made the day fly for us because everything was super sharp and clear. Just wait until you guys read the review on the spotting scope and the binoculars. All I can say is... WOW!

We glassed and chatted and had a great time. The DFG helicopter flew through the canyon to try and locate the sheep, too. It was truly remarkable to watch as the pilot had nerves of steel. He kept maneuvering in and out of the narrow canyons with absolute ease. My hat is off to you! Here are some photos of the mountain sides and the helicopter by them.

The DFG helicopter starting off at the top of the mountain.

Just before slipping into one of the narrow canyons.

We all had a great time getting to know one another in the hope of spotting a sheep, or a deer, or bear, or even a mountain lion. We saw none of the above, but it was definitely an experience I will partake in next year.Super stoked to have made two new hunting friends in Cody and Josh and I look forward to spending some more time afield with these two gentlemen.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bass Pro Seminar: Turkey Hunting, Getting Started
This Saturday at 2 PM I will be giving another turkey hunting seminar at Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. This time I will cover how to get started in turkey hunting. Many people want to hunt thunder chickens, but have no idea where to start. I hope to guide some of you in the right direction. This one promises to be even better than the last as we will have live turkeys to practice calling with!

The topics I will cover are:
    • Locating techniques and habitat
    • Basic equipment
    • Learning to call and what the calls mean
    • Camouflage
    • Choosing the right weapon
See you on Saturday!

Monday, March 5, 2012

March Issue of BowAmerica!

What is the hunt of your dreams? This is the main topic of discussion for this months BowAmerica magazine. There are some great articles from my fellow bow hunters regarding what THEIR dream hunt is. There are many animals I want to hunt, but currently this one takes the cake. Here is my latest article for BowAmerica about what my dream hunt is.

My ears ring from the bellowing screams. They are getting closer. I have hiked mile after mile and gained elevation with each step. The air is so thin that I have trouble breathing, but I am determined. My heart is now racing. Suddenly, the mountain comes to life as he majestically appears in an opening in the forest. I draw my compound bow, settle the pin, focus...and then I wake up! It was just a dream. An incredible, exciting, adrenaline-fueled dream!

Just one of the elk on public land in Colorado. Photo courtesy of Eddy Erautt.

Bowhunting the Wapiti in the high country of Colorado has been a dream hunt of mine since I was young. Actually, it was more of a pipedream. When I lived in New York State, I had an abundance of whitetails to hunt and was living paycheck-to-paycheck, so I stuck with bowhunting what I knew – whitetail deer. I figured bowhunting elk was out of the realm of possibility. As I have grown as a man, as a bowhunter, I know that hard work, a little research, and focused determination can get you that dream.

The first order of business was devising a game plan, A ‘How-to-attain-my-goal’ list, if you will. When I sat down and put pencil to paper, I sat there in a hazy stupor. Where was I going to start? The task was powerfully overwhelming. I put the pencil down and jumped on bowhunting forums like and posed a question about elk hunting and where to begin. It turns out there are many hunters out there willing to share information; you just have to ask the questions!

The assistance I was offered by my fellow bowhunters was incredible. It was rather humbling to find people willing to share this priceless information. In no time, I had information on where to start and everyone insisted I take my time with planning. It wasn’t going to happen overnight, so I listened and absorbed all of the information.

You can read the rest of the article in the March issue of BowAmerica.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fish and Game Commission Meeting - March 7 - Support Dan Richards
There are multiple articles circulating the blogosphere, newspapers, and even talk on the radio about this story of CA Fish & Game Commission President Dan Richards. Letters are being written and support is being shown. Even our blogs are garnering attention. I was quoted in the third paragraph from the bottom of this Press-Enterprise article and I stand by what I said.

The Hog Blog is also staying on top of everything and Phillip has a couple a excellent posts over there. Take some time and go read what he has to say. I agree with Phillip that Dan should not have acted out like he did on the John and Ken Show, but he is also standing up for himself and defending himself. Listen to the radio interview and judge for yourself (the embedded link is at the bottom of the page). I commend him for sticking up for himself, but true or not, he's doing himself no favors by making suggestions and allegations. 

Dan also needs to be clear about the Humane Society of the United States vs the Humane Society. These are two completely different organizations. Truly, they are. It's my opinion that Mr. Richards needs to stand up for himself, but not lash out at others until after the commission meeting. Take it all in, draft up the facts and prepare to defend your post.

I urge fishing and hunting supporters to attend the March 7 Commission meeting in Riverside to show support. The public forum leads off the meeting at 8:30 AM. The hearing is set for The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, San Diego Room, 3649 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside.

Show up early as there will no doubt be animal rights activists protesting outside before the commission hearing. Oh, and bring megaphones to drown out the protesters. Show up in blaze orange if you want. That way you'll be able to spot the supporters, but I don't think it'll be hard to figure out who's who.