Thursday, January 12, 2012

SoCal Bowhunter Goals and Objectives for 2012
Each year I try to post some lofty, but achievable goals for the upcoming year. I don't believe in 'resolutions' like most do. For example, I will be at the gym because I want and need to be there, not because every other person wants to lose thirty pounds to look good for the beach. Most will give up after a week of trying. No, I have realistic goals and objectives for 2012. I am truly stoked for what 2012 has to offer and I am already hammering out parts of my list.

2012 Goals
  1. Practice at a 3D target range. I have realized that in order to truly grasp what it's like to hunt and be successful out here I need to practice at a 3D range a few times. I have hit the flatland archery range countless times and have even thrown a 3D target up a few times, but I need more. If I want to be the best I can be when bowhunting I need to step it up.
  2. Practice out to 80 yards consistently. Time for a new sight that will allow me to shoot out to 80 yards. Once I get that dialed in on the bow I am going to consistently practice out to that range. I am really looking forward to it!
  3. Drop another 20-25 lbs and get in better shape. I dropped 45 lbs. last year, gained a few back during the holidays and now I have my 2012 goals. This isn't for looks people. I aim to drop the cookies and pie weight and lose another 20-25 before the September elk season in Colorado... see below.
  4. Colorado archery elk hunt. Going to follow through on this one. I've already been talking with my buddy Eddy at Piranha Bowstrings and I am more than excited. He mentioned picking up the Matriarch elk call from Chappell Guide Service, so I did. I've been practicing a bit with it and love it! I have been wondering how I would practice and not drive the neighbors or my family crazy. His suggestion was great - practice on the way to and from work! I'll be in the car for more than twenty minutes each way, so why not throw a few yelps in along the way!
  5. Arrow a wild hog. I have to get up to my buddy Jeff's place this year when the time is right. Jeff has been a super guy with letting me hunt the property and I owe him a lot. I hope I get to hunt with him a few times this year and arrow a hog on his property.
  6. Arrow a SoCal pacific-hybrid deer. This will happen! Going for the same tag again this year and aim to take a doe or a buck in my spot. I have 11 months to think about it!
  7. Do some outdoor trail running. There are many opportunities out here to run some trails and with Mark at SoleAdventure peaking my interest I just have to go for it. It'll sure beat running around the block or hitting the gym every time.
  8. Give a few archery hunting seminars. I am in the works to give a few seminars in 2012 and I'll let you know more when I have them locked down.
  9. Save up for the 2013 ATA Show. I have to make this happen. I am going crazy watching all of the videos, listening to the podcasts and seeing photos of the new gear. I'm a gear junky and love to play, so this is a must!

Reviewing my 2011 goals and the results:
  1. Continue to write at least one gear review per month and video tape a few. You'll understand why I need to video a few as they are completed. - Did pretty well with this one! I did quite a few reviews, but wanted to do a few more giveaways.
  2. Go on a Colorado archery elk hunt. - This one fell through, but I am already planning one for this Fall!
  3. More giveaways on my blog. - See #1!
  4. Meet with at least two archery product manufacturers and shoot their bows and review them.  - Big time zero on this one. It just didn't happen. I shot a couple of different bows, so I guess that was half the equation, but I failed to meet with manufacturers.
  5. Attend and write about more hunting workshops as they become available. - I attended and wrote about a few, but keeping up with these was tough. I have a few announcements to share coming soon for The SoCal Bowhunter!
  6. Leave more comments on other blogs instead of just lurking. - I left plenty of feedback for bloggers and FB users this year. It's a great way for people to get to know you, too!
  7. Arrow a Pacific-Hybrid deer. - I came to full draw twice on the last day of the season, but the shot wasn't right. Very close call!
  8. Arrow my first wild hog. - This didn't happen, but it is still a goal of mine!
  9. Take someone to the archery range and teach them how to shoot a bow. - Did this a couple of times and had a blast doing it!
  10. Take someone new out hunting. - Took a new bowhunter out and was able to help him get his first deer with a bow! Talk about a sweet feeling.
  11. Utilize social media more (i.e. Twitter, YouTube). - If you have followed my progress this year at all you will know that I grabbed the bull by the horns on this one. I didn't post too many videos, but I certainly harnessed the power of Social Media.
  12. Video an actual kill on camera. - I came SO close on this one. My button buck  from NY was shot on film, but he was JUST out of the frame when I shot. You see him right after I shot and that was good enough for me!
  13. Video someone's hunt. - This wasn't a high priority for me and my thoughts on video have slipped a bit. I just want to hunt!
  14. Plan on attending the 2012 ATA Show in Columbus, OH. - I was planning on this, but life happened and I plan on hitting up the ATA in 2013. I have a year to plan for this one and I hope it doesn't fall on certain days, but we shall see.
  15. Last, but not least...try to smile more and be more personable. I have been told that in person I come across as very serious and not very happy. Contrary to that, I am usually a very happy-go-lucky guy, but I can always improve. - I think I was able to do this a bit more. I tried to not take myself so seriously (see my avatar on Twitter) and just enjoy life more. I need to continue my work with this, but it's working!
What are your goals for 2012? Care to share at least one?


  1. Great goals and objectives, Al! I have many that are similar. Glad to hear you are interested in trail running. I think you will love it, and there are certainly some great trails out there in SoCal. Fly into STL for ATA in 2013 and we can head out there together!