Friday, January 6, 2012

The Offical Launch of BowAmerica!

Being a blogger has it's perks and one of them is being asked to write for a new bowhunting e-magazine. January 5, 2012 marked the launch of BowAmerica! I am humbled that I was asked to be a contributing writer for the magazine. I am also stoked that the magazine has launched. In addition, I have been helping with designing the cover, helping with layout and some working up some advertising design.

The contributors are writing about compound, traditional, DIY, gear reviews and much more. There is a strong core or writers from all walks of life and with different backgrounds. It's free to sign up and read! How amazing is that? You get great stories and tips from a FREE online magazine.

My first contribution is my story, 'Passion from Dad.'
Recently, I was asked why I bowhunt and how long I have been at it. I have been an archer for 27 years and bow hunting for 22 of those years.

I have only taken one cervid species with archery tackle and that is the whitetail deer. As a native of Western New York State, my main goal was a deer each year. I have taken other species with a firearm, but only whitetails with a bow and arrow.

Each year I hunt Pacific-Hybrid deer (California), and whitetail deer (New York). There are other game animals I hunt, but deer are my primary focus.

I am a life member of the North American Hunting Club and a pro staffer for I haven't found a need to join any organization like Pope and Young, etc. They are great organizations, but my time is filled with my family, hunting and helping other hunters. I am not a trophy hunter and have never registered an animal. It's not to say that I couldn't or wouldn't, but personally I don’t find a need. If I have a tag and a legal deer walks by - it's getting shot at.
My choice to become a bowhunter was hands-down because of my dad. He would take my brother and I hunting with him when we were very young and I loved being in the outdoors. When I was nine, my dad gave me my first bow, a hand-me-down recurve. He taught me how to shoot it, care for it and the safe practices that go along with archery. When I was young I helped him track a whitetail and that got me hooked on bow hunting. I was the one who found the deer and the experience was one that I think of every hunting season.
You can read the entire post here.

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