Monday, January 30, 2012

California Offers Four Fund-Raising Tags in 2012
Last year, California held a drawing for two (2) big game fund-raising tag and it was so successful that they have decided to offer it again this year. PLUS, they are adding two more tags for a grand total of four (4). The drawing is a great opportunity for ANY hunter. It's only $5.66 per entry and you can enter however many times you'd like. Read the press release.

Here are the hunts being offered:
  1. Open zone deer tag
  2. Owens Valley zone elk tag
  3. Northeastern California pronghorn antelope tag
  4. Kelso Peak/Old Dad Mountains desert bighorn sheep tag

A MAJOR bonus for you sheep hunters out there.
As an added bonus, San Gorgonio Wilderness Outfitters has offered to provide free guide services to the hunter who wins the Kelso Peak/Old Dad Mountains desert bighorn sheep tag.
Now THAT is a great deal for any hunter and it's great that they are willing to throw that in. Looks like I am going to be throwing my name into the hat this year. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a chance at a great hunt!
The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) is pleased to announce four random drawings for big game license tags in 2012. These drawings will raise funds needed for vital wildlife conservation programs.

In 2011, DFG offered two random drawings – one for an open zone deer tag and one for an Owens Valley zone elk tag – which together generated more than $130,000 for conservation. DFG will bring back these tags this year and make two more tags available for random drawing – one northeastern California pronghorn antelope tag and one Kelso Peak/Old Dad Mountains desert bighorn sheep tag.

Opportunities to win one of the four fund-raising tags are available to all interested hunters. Random tag drawing chances can now be purchased at DFG license sales offices and online, as well as at the upcoming International Sportsmen’s Expositions in Sacramento and Long Beach.

Each chance will cost $5.66 and there is no purchase limit. Purchase of random drawing chances does not require a valid license, but the successful applicants must show proof of a valid 2012-2013 California hunting license to obtain the tag. The application deadline for all tags is June 2, 2012 with the drawings taking place within 10 business days of the deadline.

“In our continued support of hunting and quest to increase hunting and fishing opportunities in California, I’m pleased that our hunters can purchase multiple random drawing fund-raising tag chances for special hunt tags this year,” said DFG Director Charlton H. Bonham. ”I am particularly excited that this year we will include a once-in-a-lifetime desert bighorn sheep tag as well as a coveted northeastern California pronghorn antelope tag.
“California’s big game conservation and hunting opportunites continue to demonstrate that world-class opportunites are available in this great state. Just this past season two hunters set pending Boone and Crocket State and Pope and Young world records for desert bighorn sheep.”

As an added bonus, San Gorgonio Wilderness Outfitters has offered to provide free guide services to the hunter who wins the Kelso Peak/Old Dad Mountains desert bighorn sheep tag.

“This is a wonderful offer and commitment by the San Gorgonio folks and demonstrates the great support of one another within the hunting community,” Bonham said.

Hunters who are not selected as winners of one of the four random tag draws are still eligible to bid on any of the 13 fund-raising tags available through auction by DFG’s conservation partners. Frequently asked questions are answered on the DFG website at

Media Contacts:
Craig Stowers, DFG Deer Program, (916) 445-3553
Joe Hobbs, DFG Tule Elk/Pronghorn Program, (916) 445-9992
Regina Abella, DFG Bighorn Sheep Program, (916) 445-3728
Dana Michaels, DFG Communications, (916) 322-2420

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