Friday, July 1, 2011

OC Fair Photography Contest -  2 Entries Accepted!
For the past eighteen years I have been extremely blessed when it comes to my photography. I owe it to God, my family, many caring professionals, my professors and lots of hard work. I didn't just learn overnight and I didn't do it on my own. Most of the time I was just shooting photos for the fun of it. I loved being behind the camera and it was cool to catch that perfect moment. For fourteen years I shot as an amateur, practicing by photographing wildlife, the outdoors and sometimes my friends. It wasn't until my wife urged me to do it professionally that I ever considered shooting other types of photography. (Yes, honey, I know. It's about time I listened to you.)

Over the past four years I have entered a few photography contests and I even won a few of the local ones. The first year I entered a photo into the Fair I was an amateur and won an honorable mention, but once I started selling my work I entered the Pro category. Last year was a highlight for me as I was chosen as a first place winner in the OC Fair in the Professional - Children/Families photo category for my image of a toddler on the beach. Talk about feeling stoked!

My wife, who is an amazing photographer, was at the Fair on opening day last year and saw that she won third place in People and I won in my category. She called me right up to tell me and my jaw hit the floor. By the way, hearing that you won a photo contest from your excited wife is so much cooler than getting an email. Just for the record. Here's where you can see her winning image from last year, along with mine right below it.

I honestly think my wife has the best chance of winning a ribbon this year for her image of cows in a pasture. She has a unique talent and if you read up on her, she's only been doing it for a few years and has a passion like I have never seen before.

So, without further ado, here are the two of the four images I entered (two were rejected). If you head to the OC Fair in Costa Mesa, CA this year, take a look around and see if you spot them.

Sam Leccia creating a masterpiece at a local event.

Eric and Katrina Welsh during an awesome engagement session.
There is some funny irony in our entries this year, too. My wife loves photographing people and my passion is for landscapes and wildlife. So, she gets a landscape/animal photo in the Fair and I have two photos of people chosen. How ironic is that? 

You can get free admission tot he OC Fair on certain days. Click here to find out when!


  1. Al,

    Congratulations! Even though I am from MO, I have visited the OC Fair many times, and I always enjoy the photography. In fact, my parents will be out during the Fair this year, so I will have to tell them to keep an eye out for your photos.


  2. Congrats, Al! That's great! You've got some real talent. Those are both wonderful photos! Let us know the outcome.

  3. Congrats Al!!

    I l-o-v-e love that top pick. When you did your post on the event I thought, "gosh, now there's a top notch pic that should be entered in a contest somewhere." And now lookie here, lol!

    I wish you (and your wife) the very best of luck. You two have got what it takes. Keep us posted on the results!