Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Giving Young Hunters a Killing Chance
Being an avid hunter, who got his start at a very early age, I try to encourage our young hunters every chance I get. Although I choose to mostly bow hunt my game, I am always willing to promote other types of hunting as well. Hunting is a passion that should be shared. It's a tradition that my family has shared and passed down to me and I absolutely love it. 
Some of our youth hunters in California don't get the opportunity to hunt like I did or have a father who knows the ropes like mine did. I have been blessed and now an California organization is trying to help twenty-five youth hunters bag a deer.

Twenty-five lucky junior hunters will be selected in a free, random drawing for a guided antlerless deer hunt at the famous Tejon Ranch for the 2011 season. This year the California Deer Association (CDA) will hold its 8th Annual "Sharing the Tradition" junior deer hunt drawing. According to CDA Vice President, Jerry Springer, "These hunts are the most successful junior deer hunts in California, with a 98% success rate over the last seven years."

The 25 junior hunters will be drawn at random for free one-on-one guided antlerless deer hunts on the 270,000-acre Tejon Ranch, located in Southern California. This is the largest privately sponsored junior deer hunting opportunity in the state. Plus, these are no ordinary deer hunts, thanks to generous sponsors Tejon Ranch, Barnes Bullets LLC, Alpen Optics, Hunter's Specialties and Birchwood Casey. First-class lodging on the ranch is included and each junior hunter will receive ammunition from Barnes Bullets, a pair of high-quality binoculars from Alpen Optics, plus hunting and shooting equipment from Hunter's Specialties and Birchwood Casey.

To date, 140 junior hunters have participated in these hunts and 137 have taken home a deer to share with their family. For over 95% of these juniors, this was their first deer.

The deadline to apply for this year's drawing is October 14, 2011. Hunts will take place during the second half of December. Entry forms can be found on the CDA website at or requested by e-mailing Jerry Springer at

So you parents of youth hunters, get those applications in and do it quick! I want to wish those lucky twenty-five junior hunters good fortune in killing a deer during their hunt. Be proud! Share your stories and if you have a good story to tell of your hunt, let me know and I'll share it here. Shoot straight!

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  1. Very cool. As a rabid hunter and educator I think it is critical that outdoors skills are handed down to the next generation.