Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Rant - Illegal Guiding and the like
Just a quick rant about all of the illegal activity I am reading in the news. This past week alone there have been articles written about illegal guiding, importing of game for better profit and poaching. Makes me proud to be a DIY hunter who does it all on his own, but irritates the hell out of me, too. I am sick of it, that's for sure. When are people going to learn?

You have a well known outfitter who gets busted for illegal guiding in Alaska...

According to a news release issued by the U.S. Attorney’s Office on Monday, Cassidy guided a sheep hunting client in ANWR knowing the Dall sheep the hunter shot was illegal and that it was shot outside the guide’s special-use permit area. In addition, Cassidy did not salvage all the edible meat from the sheep as required by state hunting regulations.

Cassidy also was accused of submitting a false record to refuge officials in an attempt to conceal the fact that an aircraft was used during the hunt. Cassidy’s federal permit allowed the use of certain aircraft for transporting supplies, equipment and personnel into base camp but prohibited the use of aircraft during the hunt.

Then you've got a guy smuggling deer INTO Texas... Really? You don't have enough good deer already?

According to information presented in court, on at least four separate occasions, spanning from October 2006 through June 2008, Powell knowingly imported at least 37 live whitetail deer, many of whom came from captive deer farms in Ligonier, Indiana, into the state of Texas and to his "5-P Farms", high fenced deer breeding facility in Cherokee County Texas. These deer included bucks known as "Fat Boy" aka "Barry", "Silver Storm" aka "Hit Man", "Y 009", "Eagle Storm" aka "BJ", "Thunderstruck", "High Five", and "Primer" aka "Spikes". At all times Powell knew that Texas law prohibited any person from possessing a deer acquired from an out-of-state source. In spite of this, Powell agreed to participate in the above-described transactions in which whitetail deer would be secretly transported from Illinois, Indiana, and/or Pennsylvania, to Texas in order to evade Texas laws and regulations.

Then you have poachers like this guy, who has been busted before, who gets another fine.

Corey Enos, 21, of New Derry was found guilty of unlawfully killing or taking of big game and unlawfully hunting while his license was revoked. He was assessed nearly $7,600 in fines and court costs.

Singer noted that Enos also faces the loss of his hunting and trapping privileges for an additional eight years, as he was on revocation for a poaching incident in 2009.

Some people will never learn. We law abiding citizens need to stay sharp and if you see or hear of this kind of activity, turn them in. It affects the hunting community on a large scale and we need to curb this. 

Enough talk of the bad stuff...

and now... I am off my soap box. Umm, a little help getting down?

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