Friday, June 17, 2011

Bear Hunting Tips For The Archer
With the Southern California archery bear season only two months away, I have been researching some new ways to bring these animals in close for an ethical, clean shot. We can't bait out here, but we can use calls and scents. So why not utilize them!

Melissa Bachman, well-known female huntress, has a great video clip, over at Petersen's Hunting, explaining when and how to use a predator call for bear hunting. I know that this will be one of the ways I will be trying to bring the black bears in this August. Out here the public land is vast and the bear habitat is there, but you really have to work to find your animals. I plan on wearing down the soles of my boots this year.

Last year, Eric Welsh and I scouted quite a few times and videoed some tips for bear hunters. We had a great time, found lots of sign and were very excited to hunt. Unfortunately for us, we were only able to hit the forest twice due to work, family obligations and timing. I plan on hitting the same spot again this year and this time bringing down a bruin.

The forests are pretty dense out here and putting on an aggressive stalk hasn't proven successful for me personally, but it's one tactic I won't rule out.

When does bear season start for you? Are you planning a certain strategy? I'd love to hear about it and any tips you might have.

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  1. We don't have a bear season here in Missouri, but we do have a growing bear presence. The Missouri Dept of Conservation is in the midst of a study to determine how much of our current bear population is native, and how much of it is migratory. I have personally seen bear tracks in my hunting areas, but I haven't laid eyes on one in person yet.