Monday, May 23, 2011

Piranha Bowstrings Seeks Pro-Staffers
Piranha Custom Bowstrings is looking to fill ten (10) positions on their Pro Staff. Owner and accomplished archer, Eddy Erautt is a good friend, a damn good hunter and he builds quality bowstrings.

While they may be a new company, Piranha has many years experience building top-notch, high quality bowstrings! They are looking for bowhunters and/or target shooters to fill these positions. Interested? If you are, go to the website and fill out our application by clicking on the Pro Staff tab on top of the page.
Our number one goal at Piranha Custom Bowstrings is to give you the best customer service and satisfaction possible. Every string we custom build is pre-stretched to 300 lbs. Using  the industry’s leading Trophy Fibers by BCY, along with 3D End Serving, and #62 Braided Center Serving. To provide you with the highest quality bowstring that will last you thousands of arrows. We stand behind our strings 100%, with a NO peep rotation, NO stretch, NO creep, and, NO serving separation guarantee along with a 90 day warranty on all factory defects.
There have been quite a few archers that have asked me about opportunities like this. For those of you out there looking for an opportunity, fill out the application now! I wouldn't wait because once the ten spots are filled they won't take any more staffers. Good luck!

On a side-note: Eddy killed this beautiful tom turkey in Colorado a few weeks back. He had been giving him the slip, but Eddy is persistent. Congrats, Eddy!

That is a beauty of a Spring gobbler! Way to go Eddy!

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  1. They look like great strings! Looked at the pro staff application and I'm glad to see a company who is looking for REAL hunters and not just *pretty faces* to sell their gear.