Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One, Two... Breathe...Repeat!
The last few weeks for me have been extremely busy with work and spending time with my family. Both of which I truly enjoy! Sure, work involved having to photograph the samba dancers at my favorite cigar shops 7th birthday bash. It was a grueling job, but I pulled through. By spending so much time with other things I have neglected my blog. No worries, as I am sure you are all pining for my unbridled fiery wit and incredible use of the English language. With that said, I have also neglected the archery range and my poor, sweet compound bow. I feel so behind and lackluster when I don't get to shoot my bow.

Once in a while I am asked to get out from behind the camera for a shot. Tough job, I know.

Today I started to play catch up. I am on the road to recovery. Recovery from my lack of archery related activity. Just today I was able to interview two people related to the archery industry. Sure, it'll take me a day or so to get everything written up with crayon in a coherent form of communication, but I promise it will be good.

The El Dorado Park archery range just replaced all of the straw bales with brand-spankin new ones. I can't tell you how excited I am to see that. My shooting buddy and I are planning on hitting the range this weekend. I am super stoked to hit the range! Even if it's only for an hour. I have a feeling it'll stretch into two hours of treating those new straw bales like pincushions.

I can't wait!

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