Wednesday, May 18, 2011

California Big Game Tag Drawing Nears
Just a reminder that the 2011 Entry Period for the California Big Game Tag drawing is from April 25 - June 2, 2011. If you want to hunt a specific zone or just want to put in for a point you will need to get your entrees in by June 2.

Sure, it may seem like you have all the time in the world, but not so for some of the tags. Here's the info on hunting license tag fees for residents and non-residents. 

As you may have read, I had to spend around $180 for my license and tags this year. That's for my license, one deer tag, one bear, one wild pig, my upland bird and my fishing license. After chatting with some of my fellow CA bloggers, like Phillip at The Hog Blog, I am almost certain that next year I will be purchasing a lifetime license. Sure, they cost almost $800 in my age group, and I will still need to purchase my bear and fishing license and the additional Big Game Hunting Privilege ($580), but I get a deer tag and five (that's 5) wild pig tags. The best part is that if I move out of state, for some odd reason, I can still hunt here every year with that lifetime license. Pretty cool, huh? It's what I should have done when I lived in NY. Then I could be going back there every year for the cost of a plane ticket to hunt whitetails. I was young, broke and not thinking clearly back then.

Best of luck drawing the tags you put in for!


  1. Can't believe you have tags for pigs...I'd love to go out there and hunt those coastal day, my day!

  2. Dude, you can't believe how much we have to pay. The anti's crank up the fight, the gov't raises the tag fees to combat the budget and appease the anti's and we hunters get the shaft. Amazing how it works. Used to be that pig tags were almost free, but now they see it as a valuable way to make money while hammering us. It truly sucks, especially when the hunting is hard as hell.