Monday, March 28, 2011

Winner Of The SoCal Bowhunter Gear Giveaway
After a week of some interesting answers and some great answers, there were only six people that got it right. Out of the correct answers, I used the Random Number Generator at and the winner was randomly chosen.
The winner of the SoCal Bowhunter Gear Giveaway is:  
Mark Lefevre

Congratulations, Mark! Please email me your contact information so I can get your prizes out to you.

For those of you wondering what the correct answer to my question was, here it is. Steve Rinella has his Whisker Biscuit set up incorrectly, and very dangerously, I might add. First, the Biscuit is mounted in front of the riser. It should be mounted in the rear of the riser. By mounting it in front, the actual rest opening is also turned down. Greg, of Trophy Ridge, sent me this response after viewing the photo:
'He has it mounted in front of his riser which turns the opening for loading down. It should be mounted behind the riser. '
I feel this is incredibly dangerous. If the arrow slid down through the opening on his shot, the broadhead could cut into his hand, or fall further down towards his leg as he fired. Sure, that's extreme, but perfectly plausible. Here's another look at his set-up so you understand what I am talking about.

Notice his Whisker Biscuit opens to the bottom, right. The opening should be on the top, right. 

Now, the reason I brought this to Steve's attention, to the attention of Trophy Ridge and to you all isn't because I am trying to call Steve out. Actually, I enjoy The Wild Within. I mention this issue because I am a big proponent of safe archery practices and hunting practices. I would hate to see someone mount a Whisker Biscuit like that and see them injured because they had an incorrect set-up. In all honesty, I used to have my WB mounted in front of the riser, too, but my rest opening was in the correct space. Top-left. It was safe to mount it that way and the reason I did it was for clearance with my hand. It's a long story, but I now shoot a drop-away and for me it works much better. In Steve's defense, it also looks like he is having a clearance issue on his bow, but I can't say for certain. I sent Steve and The Wild Within each a message asking about this, but have not received a response.

Again, thank you all who entered the contest and congratulations to Mark Lefevre on winning this prize pack!

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  1. Good catch. I never would've seen that on my laptop screen.

    So did he just "rig" a right handed whisker biscuit so he could shoot wrong-handed?

    It does look like an accident waiting to happen. Can't believe a safety guy on-set let that happen.