Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gear Giveaway! - Are you a super sleuth?
Time to give away some swag! This contest is going to be very basic to some and not so to others. Either way, it's going to be fair to all and I wish you all the best of luck! Basically, I want you to spot what's wrong in the photo. Simple as that.

Can you spot what's wrong in this screen grab from The Wild Within?

The photo is a screen grab from the Guyana episode of the TV show The Wild Within with Steve Rinella. Before you all raise your pitchforks and string me up, keep in mind that I love the show and what Steve, the crew and The Travel Channel are doing is great. Still, when I see something wrong, especially during a bowhunting episode, I call it out. Here's your chance to help Steve out. Tell me what you see wrong in the photo and leave a comment. Out of all of the correct comments, I will do a random draw via and that winner will receive this prize package:
Here is how you enter to WIN: 
Leave me a comment and tell me what is specifically wrong in the photo. That's it! BUT, if you post and do not have a blogger profile, you WILL have to leave your first and last name so I know who to congratulate if you win. If you do not abide by these rules, you will be disqualified. I will be holding off posting the comments so everyone has a fair shake at the correct answer!

Giveaway ends Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 12:00 PM PST. Out of all of the CORRECT comments, ONE winner will be chosen by Winner will be announced on Monday, March 28.


  1. As much I wish I could win, I don't know anything about thi ssubject, but I did a little research and did learn how to properly shoot and arrow and use a bow but couldn't get the info I needed to accurately look and find mistakes! Darnit. How about he's not gripping handle completely? Bow doesn't look quite vertical?

  2. Bow Head is too close to his hand!!! Very Dangerous!!

  3. Whisker Biscuit mounted upside down and backwards.
    Mark Lefevre (bushmasterar15 @ DIYbowhunter)

  4. Well from my take of the picture his arrow rest is set up wrong. The opening is on the bottom when it should be up on top.

  5. A couple things come to mind. 1. no arm guard. 2. no stabilizer 3. He is shooting over water. But the main "wrong" thing I noticed is that the arrow is knocked incorrectly. He should have one of the fletchings directly parallel with his bow and the other 2 coming down at 45 degree angles.

    -Michael Giudici

  6. Well, one thing wrong for sure - he is shooting left handed! Okay, that isn't technically wrong. It is just annoying when you are on the shooting line during a tournament and you are stuck next to a lefty with bad breath.

    It looks like the whisker biscuit is on upside down (I don't use a whisker biscuit though, so I could be wrong)

  7. He doesn't have his wrist strap on, so he doesn't loose his bow once he shoots.

    My name is Randall Limb

  8. seems that the whisker biscuit arrow rest is installed on the wrong side of the riser. A right handed rest on a left handed bow? Brian King

  9. The whisker Biscuit is on the frint of the riser.

    Brad Quinto. Bowrad

  10. Looks to me like the sight is mounted on the wrong side for a lefty.
    I don't have a blogger profile.

    Jerry Sweat (boplenty)
    I tried to enter yesterday but did not find the verification words.

  11. samuel kent grovesMarch 27, 2011 at 9:51 AM

    The whisker biscuit is mounted on the wrong side of the shouldn't be out in front of the riser it should be behind the riser.
    samuel kent groves

  12. Well done to everyone who got it right! Way to look closely at the photo and share your thoughts. We'll have to do some more of these!