Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Being Recognized By Your Peers
You write. Write some more. Your posts lack comments, but you KNOW people have to be reading your work. Right? I love to write and share my ideas, so if no one comments no big deal. There have been plenty of times when I think I hit on a good topic and no one leaves a comment. Anyway, I know my fellow bloggers read my posts and one in particular has fashioned it upon himself to hit me with a "Stylish Blogger Award." Brian, who writes his blog, HeyBJK, is a fellow outdoorsman, father and all around interesting guy. He mentioned The SoCal Bowhunter in his list of the fifteen blogs you need to check out. Thanks, Brian! I am humbled that you think my blog worthy of any award because it always needs to improve. I'll keep at it in the hope that more people will find it as interesting as you do.

The original rules for this award were that the recipient needs to perform the following duties:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award. 
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Give the award to 15 recently discovered worthy bloggers.
4. Contact them to make them aware of the award.

I am only going complete #1 and #2 because #3 feels way too much like a chain letter on steroids. I hate chain letters, but that's not part of my seven things about myself. I already took care of #1, but again a big thank you to Brian for reading my blog and sharing it with his readers.

Now on to #2. Seven things about myself. Here goes...

Our first date at Disneyland. Our very first photo together...ever.
  1. I met my wife on Myspace. Yep, Myspace. Don't believe me? We were both just checking the site out when she saw some of my goofy photos that made her laugh. I couldn't read her message to me because I was staring at her photo thinking, 'Who is this Cali hottie writing to me?' Long story short, we talked for a couple months, I flew out to CA for our first date. Disneyland on Day #1, Catalina Island on Day #2. Flew back to NY on Day #3. Hardest goodbye and longest flight of my life. I had fallen in love with a beautiful California girl. The Beach Boys were right! So, I quit my job in NY, packed everything into my car that would fit and trekked cross-country to California to see if it would work. 5 years later we are still madly in love and have a beautiful little girl to prove it. I love telling the story, and while most people don't believe it I swear it is all true.

  2. I played rugby for 12 years and helped win two state championships in NY with the Finger Lakes Vikings RFC. We made it to the Sweet 16 my last year and I was pumped to score in each playoff game. I miss the game incredibly.

  3. I am a published poet and have a couple residing in the Library of Congress.

  4. I am an award-winning photographer and graphic designer. I specialize in portraits, wildlife and landscape photography. I do shoot an occasional wedding, but it is truly a passion of mine to capture amazing wildlife images. I used to do it strictly as a hobby, but a few years ago started doing it professionally. I love graphic design. Especially when it comes to designing material for the archery community. Keep your eyes peeled, you might just see some of my work coming your way soon.

  5. I love to eat and chicken wings are my nemesis. They attack my waistline using delectable hot sauce which I fight back with hearty, chunky blue cheese. I miss the wings in NY. California restaurants make ok wings, but the Death Wish wings at Parker's Grille in Geneva, NY are fan-flippintastic!

  6. One of my favorite foods is a Nick Tahou's Garbage Plate. What is a plate? Two cheeseburg, mac, homefry, everything, extra hot <-- and that is how you must order it. In Rochester, NY it is one word. Twocheeseburgmachomefryeverythingextra hot. Allow me to explain. It's a bed of macaroni salad and homefries in a large Styrofoam container. You slap down two uber-cheeseburgers. They cover them with mustard, diced onions and a bitchin' hot sauce that your taste buds scream for. They throw in two large slices of sourdough bread with butter and serve it up. You then have to add more Tabasco to it to give it more heat. Ahhh, so delicious!! These are great hangover fighters, but are wonderful as a special meal. You can't eat too many of these. High calorie, super greasy, and downright tear your gut out heaven, but once in a while they are worth it. Dammit, now I am salivating all over my desk. Napkin anyone?

  7. I would gladly share the shirt off my back, or blanket in my trunk for someone in need. I have done it more than once and will do it until the day that I die. People can say what they want, but actually doing something about it shows true character. God has blessed me with more than I can take with me and if someone else can use something more than I am happy to share.
There you have it folks. I am sure that there are more interesting things out there about me, but for all intensive purposes this will do. I hope you all enjoy reading the blog and that you'll participate in future discussions. Don't feel that you always have to agree with what I say either. On the contrary, I love a good debate and I want to hear your opinions. Brian, thanks for the nod and I hope your blog keeps rolling strong! Cheers!


  1. Published Poet!?! Wow! That one caught me off guard a bit. Way more then how you met your wife. Now that one's got this hopeless romantic feeling all warm and fuzzy this morning. The story just rocks!

  2. Rugby!! A beastly game played by gentlemen. Always good to meet a fellow sportsman. Great post, keep up the good work the comments will come!

  3. Good to get to know you a bit better, Al. Love the story of how you met your wife!

  4. @kmurray - Yepper. Something I haven't done in a while, but I do enjoy it. I love how I met my wife. Unique and so not how either one of us does things. Everything happens for a reason and this was the best decision I ever made.

    @BackWaterFishin - Love the sport! If I sit and watch a match I want to gear up and get right in. Most times I do. Never heard of your blog, but going to go check it out!

    @Tovar - Thanks! Always happy to share some tidbits about who I am.

  5. Loved this post - even I learned a couple of new things about you! Imagine that! :)

  6. You're very welcome, Al! I don't always get to stop at my favorite blogs daily, but I enjoy your writing and always come by when I'm reading.

    Love the story about how met your wife! Very cool!

  7. Congrats, Al! It was fun reading and getting to know you a little better. The story about your wife is so sweet. Rick and I were wondering why you moved all the way out here. Good luck on all your endeavors! We're glad to be your friends.