Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Photo Safari With Dad
Last week my dad flew out here to SoCal from the frozen state of New York to spend a few days with us. We took a few moments out of family time to go on a couple photo safari's. I took my dad up to an area I love to go photograph wildlife and we had a blast. From the moment we hiked up the hill we spotted animals. I shot most of these images with a 300mm f/2.8 lens with a 2x extender on a Nikon D300 body. I had the lens mounted on a monopod, but really should have used the tripod. Here are some of the images from our trip.

We stalked these Pacific-Hybrids to within 60 yards.

This young deer had enough of me just standing there and launched up the hill.

I just love the way the light hit the eyes of the deer as we photographed them.

These deer were a half mile from us when I took this photo.

This guy was just sunning himself, but I couldn't get closer than ten feet.

Beautiful Pacific-Hybrid buck cresting a hillside.

This was one amazing encounter. This buck walked right towards us unaware of our presence.

Beautiful woodpecker searching for breakfast.

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  1. My sister lives in Burbank and I'm always askign her to set me up on a coastal mulie hunt...she is so selfish though. Thanks for sharing!!