Monday, January 31, 2011

NFAA Southwest Indoor Sectional
It's so enjoyable for me as a long time archer to go to a place to watch our youth learning to shoot a bow. I met my buddy Jon Weaver, Owner of XAddict Archery, over at Archery Outpost in Los Alamitos yesterday to shoot some photos for a new product he's launching. (His son, Cy, was the young man who just killed the javelina in Arizona.) Jon was shooting the Southwest Indoor to qualify for Vegas. We chatted while watching some of the young archers strut their stuff and it was awesome to see so many kids and young people flinging arrows. They have really stepped it up over at Archery Outpost. Great setup, lots of people waiting for lanes and anyone could get instruction while they were there. I was there to shoot some photos and chat with Jon, so my bow stayed at home.

Check out the arrow launching from the young mans bow.
These guys and gals couldn't shoot enough!
Jon and I talked for a bit, shot some photos of his products and while we were outside shooting we watching in horror as a gentleman ran over his kids bow case as he is backing out of his parking spot. Oh wait, the story gets better. Does he get out to check the damage? Uh, no. Does he stop? Nope. He then pulls forward and drives over it...again. Jon and I are staring in bewilderment. Jon knows he ran over a bow case. At first, I thought the guy just hit the curb with his hard, plastic bumper and it was scraping down the length of it. Uh-uh. No way. then, THEN the guy kicks it into reverse and drives over it again trying to get out of the parking spot. You'd think the case had enough, but for a fourth time he runs over it. This time driving forward over it. Holy Schnikes, Batman! WTH was this guy thinking? Well, he opens the door, looks down and kinda nods his head. He gets out, says something to his two kids sitting in the vehicle, drops down and cradles the case and puts it in the back of the 4Runner. They then drive off. Jon had the best response when he said, 'That is going to be one LONG ride home.' Wow! No kidding, right? I can understand running it over accidentally, but this guy seemed to be on a mission. Like he was teaching his kid a lesson for leaving it there. Come on, dude! Don't you realize you are only punishing yourself? You are going to end up having to buy your kid a whole new setup now. I just couldn't believe it.

Good luck to Jon Weaver, Connor and Bernie from AO, and everyone else going to Vegas in two weeks!


  1. Nice to see kids getting involved in archery! Great sport for them to learn.

    For a second there I thought you meant the guy ran over Jon's bow case! I was waiting for a shooting to occur. haha! It made sense when I got to the end and you're right...the guy was an idiot.

  2. Thanks for that catch, Brian. I edited that sentence. It did sound rather scary!