Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Favorite Outdoor Place
This time of year I see inspiration all over. Whether it be in the form of resolutions (or non-resolutions), goals, etc. Ideas flourish and abound. Over at The Outdoor Blogger Network, Rebecca started in interesting photo prompt for your favorite place. Where would we want to spend a dream day? Mine will seem a bit odd to some, but that's what this is all about right? Seeing what makes a person tick? Mine isn't about a 'dream day' because I really don't know if I have one.

Being a transplant from New York State, I am an angry bee in the confines of city life. I can go about my daily business, always looking over my shoulder for 'danger", but I try to be more open and relaxed. Out here there is constant traffic, hustle and bustle and acrid, nasty smog. To get away from ALL of that I love to head to the Big Bear Mountain here in Southern California to get above the smog, away from traffic and to get some peace and quiet. That is where this photo comes from. High atop a roadside scenic overlook, my wife was able to capture this moment on one of our first trips to the forest. 

My wife's eye can pick up the most beautiful part of anything.

This is a place where I find peace. Mountains, a beautiful landscape, and wonderful memories. I would love to go back, spend a day here like we did and just laugh, enjoy a good bike ride and a beer at the local pub at the bottom of the hill.


  1. Amazing picture and if I was standing up there, I'd feel like I could see the entire world in front of me.
    I think anyone who loves that outdoors, but is living in a city needs that one place they can take a minor drive to that gets them 'away'....I'm glad you've got that place (and a beautiful place at that)
    Kudos to your wife for capturing such a beautiful picture.

  2. One word: Beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous picture! Being from NY and having a camp in the Adirondack Mountains, NC just isn't workin for me, I know your pain!

    Happy Hunting!

  4. Beautiful shot of Big Bear Mountain, Al! I see why you like it there!