Friday, December 10, 2010

SoCal Friends - Hog Hunt Report
Guest post by Jeff Abell
I have a report from last weekends Savage Wild Boar Hunting Safari. It great trip with Howie getting a nice boar with the biggest & nicest tusks I've seen in a while even though it was no monster size wise. There is a lot to tell, but I'll stick to the hunting highlights.

We saw a lot of wild game from dozens of hawgs, yotes, quail, turkey, deer and elk. Gary said while driving out he stopped to watch a sounder of 50 to 60 hawgs right outside the town of Parkfield. I guess we hit the solar / lunar cycle right this trip.

Howie nailed his hawg with a head shot while it was trotting along the tree line from about 75 yards.

Great food as always with some incredible white sea bass, venison & beef steaks on the menu. Thanks guys, but lets try next time to make an attempt at some veggies. As much as I love all the meat a little fiber based food wouldn't hurt us. I had to purge with some syllium when I got home so I wouldn't blow an ass gasket.

It rained pretty regularly but thanks to Gary we had a giant cabin tent with a wood burning stove at our disposal which was a real treat. Yeah, it's the same kind you drool over in the Cabela's catalog, but know there is no chance in hell you'll ever ball up & order because it's too big to hide from your wifies. Despite the luxury of the heated cabin tent I could not sleep for shit because of a serenade of multiple snorers. Now I know why I have not shared a tent with another man in many years. It turned into a good thing cause they drove me out the 2nd night at 2 am which led to a solo spot lighting yote hunt that was incredibly awesome.

I was playing a jack rabbit distress call when Mr. Alpha Yote started busting through the grass right up my 5 only to have me turn around to find him at a beeline charge straight at me at about 30 yards & closing. There is nothing like the feeling of being pursued while on the hunt! I scrambled to grab my rifle, which was leaning on a tree, and mount it over a very large, clunky spot light. This action stopped him and he retreated 10 yards, but he fucked up and paused to look back at me (I guess it was to double check that I was not a jack) just long enough for me to line up my scope & light angles (no easy feat) to squeeze off. I know it's just a 25 lb dog, but let me tell you this thing was very exciting to call in and shoot.

Jeff and Howie pose with Jeff's coyote.
It was a killer little hunt and I was back in camp within a half hour sipping my flask around the camp fire, but not before I sounded off in my radio (I left it's pair on high volume inside the cabin tent to make sure to wake the snorers).

    "We got a red dawg down...We got a red dawg down!"

Gary also fully skinned (including head, paws & tail) the dawg, which was sporting a sweet winter coat, to later tan for a display pelt while giving the rest of us a lesson in along the way. Usually I don't do anything beyond pics with yotes so it was nice to further utilize a kill. Anyway there is more to ramble on about, but I'll leave it at that for now.


  1. Nice Hunt!!!

    Ps. You hear back from TLC? I was on CNN this am. It was a shot of that posting I did... 950 views later and people are still freaking out. Insanity.

    Happy Hunting!

  2. Congrats! That had to be surreal, huh? TLC responded only to tell me they were forwarding my email on to the 'programming executives for review and consideration.' We will see if they decide to say anything. I hope they do and accept the responsibility.